It’s so hard to erase old news! One never know if it will hold that link or that resource that someone is looking for. So, for that one person, we are keeping all our old news here in this archive. Have fun!

Last updated April 20, 2018

ACBL Top Players Rally Over Cheating Fears. Although well-publicized disciplinary hearings in North America and Europe have resulted in the permanent banning of several top pairs convicted of collusive cheating, some of the accused have turned to civil courts to have their sentences overturned or reduced – and they’re turning up at competitions. Read more here ->

ACBL to start selling online entries. The upcoming Summer NABC in Atlanta will be the last NABC at which Bridge Winners will be providing online entries. Under the leadership of its new CEO, Bahar Gidwani, the ACBL has begun updating its entry-selling processes. At the last two NABCs and at regionals around the country the ACBL has implemented a system to accept credit cards for entry purchase. Starting in the Fall the ACBL plans to continue its expansion and sell entries online. Read more here ->

New event at the World Bridge Teams Championships. Starting 2019 a Mixed Teams Championship will be added alongside the Open (Bermuda Bowl), Wome n’s (Venice Cup) and Seniors (d’Orsi Trophy) at the World Bridge Teams Championships.The Zonal Conferences will hold qualifying Championships/Trials as they do for the other categories. Read more here ->

The new ACBL Convention Charts – The ACBL Board of Directors approved  New Convention Charts at the NABCs in Philadelphia. Effective the first day of the 2018 Fall Nationals in Honolulu, there will be several articles in the ACBL Bulletin introducing the new charts. You can view them here.

The hour of AI has arrived! A non-human is inducted into the ACBL Hall of Fame for the first time in history. Read more here ->

The Best Bridge WriterDiscussion on Bridge Winners this week offers a fantastic list of great bridge authors, their books, and what makes them great. Who would be your pick for the best Bridge Writer?

The World Bridge Federation opens Robot Bridge Tournaments with WBF Masterpoint Awards Click here.

The Setting Trick - Podcasts with John McAllisterNew Podcasts from John McAllister

Currently up are An Interview with Gavin Wolpert, Professional Bridge Player, and Hammond: The Legend. Available through iTunes .



Bridge Magazine UK - Great Bridge LinksBridge Magazine closes – and opens

BRIDGE Magazine (U.K.), has ceased publication with the December 2017 issue. BRIDGE was the world’s oldest bridge magazine, having begun publication in 1926. In 2011, the magazine went from a printed to an online format. The magazine’s editor, Mark Horton, and its jack-of-all-trades, Ron Tacchi, have begun publishing “A NEW BRIDGE MAGAZINE” online. The new magazine will be offered free of charge. To receive notification each time the new magazine is published, go to www.newbridgemag.com and register (Source: IBPA Bulletin, Jan 2018

Minibridge is now available online.

 Minibridge is like a typical game but without the auction. Because bidding is sometimes one of the more stressful parts of bridge, Minibridge is a fast, easy way to jump in and start playing. Powered by Bridge Base Online, the online Minibridge allows players to pick the trump suit and predict the number of tricks they think they can take. Then your students play the hand as usual. While you’re introducing your students to the game, show them how they can practice online with Minibridge. They can access it at acbl.org/minibridge  (Source: IBPA Bulletin, Jan 2018)

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