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Women's World Bridge Teams Championships

The Inaugural WBF Women’s Teams Online Event

The World Bridge Federation (WBF) Women's Committee is excited to announce the inaugural WBF Women's Teams Online Feb 16th to 18th, 2024. This event marks a significant milestone in the world of competitive bridge, providing a global platform for women players to showcase their skills without the usual constraints of cost and travel. Read More Here -->
Play Ranked Games on IntoBridge with robots

What are Ranked Games and why you will want play them

We've been hearing about Ranked Games on Into Bridge, so we thought we'd gather all the information we could find and ask ourselves - what is it about? Read More Here -->
EDGAR Software Kit to discourage online cheating at bridge

EDGAR: Everyone Deserves a Game Above Reproach

Will EDGAR provide an effective solution to detect and deter online cheating? Let's take a look. Read More Here -->

15 Fascinating Superstitions To Share At Your Next Card Party 15 Fascinating Superstitions To Share At Your Next Card Party So, what’s the weirdest belief, myth or superstition about cards you’ve ever heard? We went digging for tall tales and superstitions about cards. Read more here →

Into Bridge Online bridge ClubeAre You IntoBridge? A New Online Bridge Platform Appears… Pair Stefan Skorchev / Christophe Grosset have launched a new online contract bridge platform that promises a sleek interface, famous bridge player presence, and an effective data processing system to rule out cheaters and creeps from the table. Read more here →

Face Card Tik Tok Card StoriesFace Card & Other TikTok Terms for Card Players Have you ever heard someone referred to as a face card? The start of TikTok brings almost a whole new vocabulary to keep track of, where terms might not necessarily mean what you think! Read more here →

Bridge News

Atlanta NABC Nov 23 – Dec 3 – results and bulletins can be found here.

Do you know a bridge angel? IntoBridge has introduced a new series of articles  to highlight and celebrate these exceptional individuals, and hopefully inspire more people to follow in their footsteps. The first Bridge Angel in the series is Sue Johnson

Mike Lawrence offers his three award-winning Insights on Bridge books plus a copy of I Fought The Law all for only $60 postpaid. Visit his website to find out more!

Swan Games is looking for any juniors (or anyone else) who might be interested in an internship. We can use help with technical development, marketing, customer service, and administration. Contact  if interested.

RealBridge & BAMSA: Teacher and Coach Conference. Oct 7-8, 2023. See list of speakers and more info here →

Real Bridge has organized junior events this fall, all free. Categories are U16, U21, U26, U31. Sun 10 Dec. For details click here.  Coaches and captains please contact

The 46th World Bridge Teams Championships August 20 – September 2, 2023 in Marrakesh, Morocco are now over.  Great Bridge Links  Championship Jump Page features a full list of medalists as well as all the links you need to enjoy news and stories form the championships.

In your opinion what is the worst conventionGabi Levy posed this on Bridge Winners in preparation for an articleon his website – and there were over 250 replies last I looked! Follow the conversation here(and by the way, I happen to love Drury)

NEW BRIDGE LINKS – have you visited our New Links page recently? Lots of new bridge sites coming online over the past few months,  Check it out here ->

Bridge Innovation & Tidbits

New Platforms – These are the ‘new kids’ on the block. Here are some new Play Bridge Online Platforms which have been introduced recently. On these platforms you can arrange to meet friends, play with strangers from around the world, and enter platform-specific events and tournaments. All feel they’re offering you a unique experience – and most are free – to start. So dig in! We welcome feedback too – 

Swan Games is back! There was a time when Swan Games was one of only three online bridge platforms – in the world! This month Swan Games has relauned and we’re excited about it. Read an article here →

Bridge Live / Bridge 21. One of the newest online platforms designed for players and clubs both digital and face to face

Bridge Champ. The Next Generation Of Online Bridge Playing online Bridge can be complex. Bridge Champ makes it easier for you!

IntoBridge Designed, with you and for you, the most comprehensive and intuitive bridge platform on the market. Home of the popular Ranked Game.

Bridgestars Online Bridge platforms have become outdated. We developed a modern platform for Bridge players all around the world to play unlimited Bridge for free.

The Unofficial Computer Bridge Championships 2023. Congratulations to QPlus 15.3 (one of the oldest bridge programs) for their first place finish, followed closely by Wbridge 5.12. Read more on our Bridge Software pages.

The History of Big Deal – Big Deal is a program for dealing bridge hands first introduced at the Bridge Olympiad in 2000. Written by Hans Van Staveren, it has been recently updated (BigDeal 2.0). In commemoration of this, perhaps the final, update, Hans has published The History of Big Deal for, well, history!

Computer Vision is designed to detect cards (with timing and orientation) in real time. It automatically detects and records timing (i.e. hesitations, slow play) as well as the bidding and play, providing accurate records for all hands at all tables. It also detects behavioural indicators (e.g. card orientation) – in other words, potential cheating mechanisms. AI and Computer Vision researchers at Monash University in Australia have developed an initial proof of concept and even with a standard laptop, vision can be processed and annotated in realtime. Running trials during the 2023 World Championships, researchers are hoping to attract funding support to develop the software further. Link to see the trial in action  video here

Women and Bridge

Women’s bridge links and news of interest for women who play bridge.

The World Bridge Federation (WBF) Women’s Committee is excited to announce the inaugural WBF Women’s Teams Online Feb 16th to 18th, 2024. This event marks a significant milestone in the world of competitive bridge, providing a global platform for women players to showcase their skills without the usual constraints of cost and travel. Read More Here –>

Congratulations to Israel, 2023 World Champions – Venice Cup. 

Gold – Israel: Adi Asulin, Hila Levi, Adel Petelko, Ziv Tottman, Dana Tal, Noga Tal, Israel Yadlin npc
Silver- Turkiye: Asli Acar, Tuna Elmas, Berrak Erkan, Ozlem Kandolu, irem Ozbay, Hatice Ozgiir
Bronze – China: Huang Yan, Liu Yan, Ran Jing Rong, Yu Xiuting, Zhou Meiling, Zuo Xiaoxue, Wang Yannan npc, Li Xin coach

According to statistician Herman De wael, this is the second World Title for Adi Aslulin and Hila Levi, after the National Women Pairs in 2016. Dana Tal also has a previous World Title, Under-21 teams in 2006. Ozlem Kandolu and Hatice Ozgir win their second consecutive silver medal at a Venice Cup This is the eighth medal for Huang Yan, she was on the Venice Cup-winning team in 2017. Liu Yan (on her fourth world medal) was also on that team.

Bridge At The Movies!

Bridge video, podcasts, radio, and film links for your enjoyment.

Enjoy bridge on Youtube, Twitch, and Radio. There are many videos to help you learn to play bridge, movies about the great players – and even greater scandals – and ongoing podcast interviews with world champions.

Play Bridge Online

No need to spend time alone when there are so many places online where you can meet up with other bridge players and do what we all love – play cards!

You can play in tournaments against robots or you can play against real human players – with no chance of passing along a virus. See you there!

Just Play Bridge – Solitaire Bridge Games

Robot Bridge is anytime fun for all levels.

Enjoy playing bridge with robots anytime anywhere – on your phone, your tablet or your computer. Play one hand, a 4-hand tournament, or challenge tournaments. You are always playing against robots and with a robot partner – solitaire style!

Or if you just want to give it a quick try, click here for an instant solitaire bridge hand – no charge, no login!

How To Play Bridge

Learn to play bridge with videos, lessons, apps and teachers.

Visit our GBL Classroom to find everything you need! Bridge can be played by anyone, young and old. It’s not only great for your brain but your social life as well! Bridge players can find friends in any city in the world.


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