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BIG DEAL The dealing program Big Deal was used to generate all hands for the Olympiad in Maastricht, and might well become the standard dealing program for the WBF.

The History of Big Deal – Big Deal is a program for dealing bridge hands first introduced at the Bridge Olympiad in 2000. Written by Hans Van Staveren, it has been recently updated (BigDeal 2.0). In commemoration of this, perhaps the final, update, Hans has published The History of Big Deal for, well, history!

Dealmaster Pro™ has an unsurpassed array of powerful functions for Teachers, Clubs, and Players. The best deal generator. Hand records with makable contracts. Design your own travelers. Endorsed by the ACBL.  Works with Dealer 4, Duplimate and all dealing machines. Find out more at

DEAL 3.1 – by Thomas Andrews. Deal is now up to version 3.1, and can be accessed at The latest release includes a built-in double dummy solver written by Bo Haglund.

Have fun with this neat little Bridge Hand Dealer from Jean- Luc Garneau. Note: I can only get it working in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

Duplimate Card Dealing Machines and other club utilities can be found on Electronic Bridge Supplies

BridgeMate: Wireless Scoring Solutions for Bridge. Bridgemate scoring system. (


Bridge Calculator is freeware program that solves problems in the Bridge card game. It quickly solves the double dummy problem, has both graphical and console-based multiple languages user interfaces. It can import deals from files in many formats, like PBN, BBO .lin files and files generated by the KoPS program. Software by Piotr Beling

Bridge Calculators by Richard Pavlicek
Bridge Hand Evaluator
Bridge Hand Calculator
Suit Break Calculator
Dual Suit Break Calculator
Personal Deal Creator
Bridge Score Calculator
Contract and Result Finder

BACKAS FREE BRIDGE FILE CONVERTER UPDATED – it now reads OK-bridge files of .rec type in addition to the earleier supported file types. Reading of PBN has been improved it now should read %Import type of .PBN files correctly (previously only %export format). Click Here for HOMEPAGE . Kaj G Backas.

POST SCRIPT BRIDGE HAND Print those World Championship hands! – from Masakatsu Sugino- a Windows program that prints out bridge hand records in a graphical way from PBN (Potable Bridge Notation) format data files. The program is able to read and write PBN files. The double dummy analysis is performed with Gib’s engine. The graphical presentation is stored in a PostScript file, that can be manipulated with a PostScript viewer

Deep Finesse: One of the greatest tools ever invented to analyze bridge hands is a software program known as Deep Finesse. Once a deal is entered into the program, you can find out what declarer lines work and what the best defense is. All the deals in each set of hand records have gone through Deep Finesse. The program is very practical – it analyzes according to the cards as they are dealt, not according to what might have been. The contracts listed on the hand records are those that can be made with correct play against correct defense as the cards lie. Want to see how it works?

5/24/2014 – Deep Finesse 2014 v2 is now available. This version is 100% free with no unlock-codes or serial numbers. Deep Finesse now reports plays that make over and under tricks and shows which cards have irrelevant ranks. Download Now.

The ACBL’s Bridge Bulletin dubs Deep Finesse “Double-Dummy Dynamite.” See the full review by clicking here.

Previous and new users can upgrade to Deep Finesse 2014 v2 for free. Just download and install by clicking above and new features will be enabled automatically.

Will-Bridge App Collection (Windows only) presents 5 titles, something for all level of players. Download software. Some free options.

Bridge Solver can either be downloaded to your PC, or accessed in your browser as a web-based application called Bridge Solver Online.

Bridge Calculators by Richard Pavlicek is a super-handy little list of different bridge calculators available online for bridge players.

Bridge Calculator Free 1.9.2.  If you prefer something downloadable, here’s a tiny bridge calculator available for Windows download.

Bridge Score Calculator is available for $0, 99 from the Google Play Store.

Bridge Calculator Free is rated 4.1 on the Google Play Store and ideal for making bridge score calculations on the move.

Bridge Mats will produce duplicate bridge guide cards (table mats) from an ACBLscore movement file. The output is a PostScript file that may be viewed, printed, or converted to PDF with GhostScript. Last updated in December 2013.

Compensation Table is a method to play duplicate bridge with only 4-players. It takes deal attributes such as high-card points, vulnerability, suit, fits into account and returns an expected result for the deal. The Table is generated with computer and is based on tens of thousands of deals from world-class events.

BridgeComposer allows entry and display of bridge hands in PBN file format; formats lesson handouts for bridge teachers. It also has a full-screen mode, formats web pages and emails, saves records of hands, deals random hands, has a double-dummy solver AND interfaces with ACBLScore, Bridgemate, BridgePad; and more. Reasonably priced, free 30-day trial. While there’s no version for Max or Linux, they offer a tutorial for users who’d like to get it working on either.

Jeanie: Free Movement Software According to its description: “Jeanie is a unique computer program for bridge organizers, directors and scorers. Jeanie is the next generation of tournament director tools, augmenting and even replacing existing movement reference books.” You can read more about it here at its creator ASE Computing.

Bridge Squeezes Complete This interactive software adaptation of Clyde E Love’s classic text allowed you to play all 129 exercises and 59 problems before proceeding with Love’s analysis. Unfortunately, the domain is now gone, so the software is no longer available. You can find an old version of the page here on the Wayback Machine. You can also find the original book on Amazon here.

playBridge Hand Generator has several generators available for use, all to be found right there in your browser. Last updated 2017.

Blue Starships Android Apps – The Blue Starships mission is to to provide handy easy to use bridge applications for mobile devices. Currently they offer FREE Google Play Apps including Bridge Score Calculator, Bridge Bidding Box, and Bridge Diary.