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Find the famous and infamous, read biographies, view galleries and enjoy our long list of individual web sites.


Michael Rosenberg on Bridge Winners has started a wonderful kind of thread where people honour living bridge players they know with stories and tributes. Look for Nobituary Series for all the articles. So far, people have started Nobituaries for Victor Silverstone, Irving Litvack, Zeke Jabbour, Gail Greenberg, Jeff Goldsmith, Peggy Kaplan, and Steve Robinson.


Individuals with bidding system pages can also be found in our Bridge Bidding section


The best place to find photos of tournaments and players is on Social Media – facebook and instagram. However there are a few web-based galleries:

Jonathan Steinberg – photos from NABCs and Regionals

Glen Ashton’s a few NABC photo galleries


Those of you interested in such things will find lists of the World Masterpoint Holders at the new site for WBF Points –


Interview with Mike Lawrence from Jeff Tang
Interview with Eric Rodwell from Glen Ashton
Interview with Chip Martel from Glen Ashton


Gathered here are pages with biographies (and pics too sometimes) of famous bridge players and personalities.

In The Well / Bridge Winners – here you’ll find a growing list of famous players and photos.

Famous Players Page  compliments of Jeff Tang

The Bridge World list of individual bridge player websites

Individual Bridge Player Pages

What is the purpose of a personal web page? You might dissect your favourite conventions, tell stories, discuss your most interesting hands, or sometimes best of all, list your favourite web links.

The personal web page could also: give our bridge writers a chance to ‘publish’ articles, or advertise their books/magazines; give our bridge directors the opportunity to discuss their craft; and give our bridge professionals the chance to introduce themselves and their services.

The Beer Card Blog – hands from the BBO Inter-city League by Paul Gibson.

Extensive List of Individual Player Pages from Jeff Tang on his Bridge Bum Website

Ron Klinger – bridge articles, access to bridge resources, bridge problems emailed to you daily. Membership required.

Andrew Robson – Andrew offers bridge tips and bridge holidays on his website.  Andrew Robson is widely regarded as one of the finest Bridge player/teacher/writers in the world today. When not at his Club or playing for England, Andrew travels the country, inspiring thousands at the many Charity functions and Master Classes he leads.

Chris Ryall –  Bridge Home Page for Dr. Chris Ryall.

Howard Schutzman Hondo Bridge. Teacher and Expert player. 2010 – Jeff Hand – I am a professional bridge player, and I have various sections at my website:   It has everything from information on how to hire me as a pro, my resume, hands of the month, an archive of Central American and Caribbean Bridge Federation Bulletins that I edited and wrote in the 1970, my booking calendar, etc.  

Migry Zur Campanile’s Improve Your Bridge With Me website.The personal page of Migry Zur Campanile, Bridge Professional and editor of the Israeli bridge magazine. The pages contain an extensive selection of articles from the English section of the magazine as well as bridge travelogues, bios, pictures, and articles on technique, humor and anything else that makes this game so stimulating and interesting. 

Bridge7 from Turkey’s Yalcin Pekiner Free Software for practising bidding & playing. July 30, 2002

Ace of Trumps This is a British site created by leading bridge writer Paul Mendelson and is aimed at bridge players.

Kantar Bridge Tests, quizzes, and travel.

Phillip Alder – Bridge for Everyone.  

Glen Ashton’s Bridge Matters presents bridge articles and The ETM Bidding Systems (Everything That Matters). Also some interviews, a blog, and photos galleries

Jeff Tang’s Bridge Bum Website. Jeff Tang’s bridge pages are always fascinating. Interviews, scandals, articles, history and more.

Larry Cohen‘s Bridge Books & CD. You will find information about Larry, his books & CD’s, and upcoming cruises and seminars, and a great Learning Centre with puzzles, articles and bidding practice.

Mike Lawrence – About, Products, Articles and Links.

Bridge – the Best Pastime – Sid & Abby of South Africa. Bridge pages for all levels of play; OKB hands are analyzed (in depth) and feature bridge hands played by the greats are reported. This site also contains bridge humor and calendar of events. Various conventions are smartly explained through real live hands! Lots of free downloads and other niceties too! This is an old site but the content remains in place.

Nikos Sarantakos Luxembourg – Articles and Quizzes. Originally published in Dutch and/or the Greek Bridge Federation magazines, Nikos Sarantakos presents problems from real-life deals played at the highest levels. In each problem, you face a decision, usually concerning a bid or an opening lead. 1998 – 2006

Jannersten Forlag Bidding Boxes, Boards, Duplimate, Books, Software. Jannersten Forlag AB is the leading manufacturer/wholesaler of equipment for tournament bridge.

Anna Gudge  – eCats Bridge for bridge players worldwide – a site worth visiting. Online since 1999