Bridge Teacher Pages & Links

“I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” ― Albert Einstein

On this page you’ll find links to some of the world’s best Bridge Teacher Websites. Teach them to play!

The World Bridge Federation has a comprehensive website for bridge teachers – geared towards children – in both English and French. Teaching Bridge Click Here

The ABTA (American Bridge Teachers’ Association)
A great resource for teachers and students and includes a geographic listing of all ABTA members. ABTA Home Page

Shark Bridge Teacher Console

Learning and Teaching Tools from the ACBL. Includes links, Find a Teacher and Bridge Hand of the Week. Aimed at the North American bridge player. – a newly launched website for bridge teachers from Master Point Press. Newsletter, articles, books & resources.

Seattle NextGen Bridge – Our mission is to teach bridge to school children in the greater Seattle area. Teachers are our heroes who bring bridge directly to the kids. Contact Seattle NextGen Bridge for more information.

English Bridge Education and DevelopmentLearn, Teach, Grants

New Bridge Club Manager and Teacher forum on Bridge Winners – Are you a bridge club manager or bridge teacher who’s interested in growing your business? Would you be interested in sharing best approaches, opportunities, threats, and important knowledge with your peers around the world? Want to ask a forum of your peers key questions about the business of clubs and classes? Here’s your chance. Bridge Winners has created a private forum for club managers and teachers. While anyone can read the content, only forum members will be able to post content.

Teach Youth to Play. Everything you need to know can be found on the Bridge Teachers for Youth dot Org webpage. A great site but last updated 2017.

Teach Bridge In A Day. Everything you need to teach Patty Tucker’s Bridge in A Day program. Click Here

BridgeComposer  allows entry and display of bridge hands in PBN file format; formats lesson handouts for bridge teachers; has a full-screen mode; formats web pages and emails; saves records of hands; deals random hands; has a double-dummy solver; interfaces with ACBLScore, Bridgemate and BridgePad; and more. Reasonably priced, free 30-day trial. (Windows)

Audrey Grant’s Views & News

Bridge Teacher Websites

Find a Bridge Teacher (American Contract Bridge League)  Canada, USA and Mexico
They’re all listed here! ACBL find a teacher page.

Audrey Grant’s Better Bridge  Award-winning teacher  and author of many Learn to Play bridge books and programs.

Joan Butts – this is an excellent example of what can be done with an online learn-to-play-bridge website – for both students and teachers. Teach Bridge With Joan Butts

Patty Tucker, Atlanta GA – founder of the Atlanta Junior Bridge Org, Learn Bridge In A Day, and inventor of Bridge in a Box. Bridge with Patty Click Here

Kitty Cooper’s Bridge Teaching website

Larry Cohen’s Bridge Page – articles, quizzes and bidding practice

Marty Bergen Website. Browse Bergen’s bridge books, software, bridge cruises, lessons and more.

Ron Klinger Bridge Lessons Discussions of bridge games, techniques, duplicate bridge and more.

Barbara Seagram’s website : Canada. Cruises, trips, books, products and lessons.

Roberta Sez. Bridge teacher. Classes with Roberta are fun and easy to follow. She makes the learning process exciting – no droning lectures and weary note-taking, since you are given her “Roberta Sez” books at your first lecture. There’s no boring memorizing when you use her award-winning Bridge Guide.

Migry Zur Campanile‘s Improve Your Bridge With Me website.The personal page of Migry Zur Campanile, Bridge Professional and editor of the Israeli bridge magazine.

Learn Bridge – Everything for the bridge novice and beginner – beginners course, weekly ezine, free tips and puzzles from David Clement

Wanna Play Bridge – Kathy Rolfe. I am a teacher of mostly beginners. I do most of my teaching in elementary schools through ACBL’s school program but I also teach small groups outside of that venue as well.

Kitty Munson-Cooper, Bridge Teacher, presents a nice web page which features Lesson Sheets, Bridge Book Recommendations, and a Q & A page as well as free teaching materials for teaching school kids – including a 100 page lesson plan (teachers manual) based on the club series with activity sheets. The technique is to teach different card games (whist, MiniBrdge, BridgeIt) for 7 lessons leading into real Bridge with bidding at lesson 8. it consists of 15 lessons followed by a competition. Teaching this program in schools is sponsored by the ACBL Educational foundation. Click Here >