Bridge Basics

Does bridge have a referee - what is a bridge director

Do bridge tournaments need referees?

A Bridge Director is the person in charge of overseeing bridge games at clubs and tournaments. Think of them as ... Read More
What is the card game bridge

What is the game of bridge?

Bridge is a card game played with a regular deck of 52 cards and loved by millions around the world ... Read More
Bridge is not hard to learn

Is it Hard to Learn to Play Bridge?

The game of bridge is not hard to learn. You can learn the mechanics in a single night of card ... Read More
How long does it take to play bridge

How long does a bridge game last?

A typical hand of bridge takes between 5-15 minutes. The number of hands you play depends on scoring, and type ... Read More
How to learn to play bridge

What is the best way to learn to play bridge

The best way to learn to play bridge depends on your individual learning style. Here are some tips, resources, and ... Read More
Lees Bridge Club Canada

What is Duplicate Bridge?

Duplicate bridge is a form of bridge where all players in the game play the same deal, or bridge hand ... Read More
What is Rubber Bridge?

What is Rubber Bridge?

Rubber Bridge is a variant of the contract bridge that is often used during a friendly game of kitchen bridge ... Read More

New in the Magazine

HCL Bridge 2024

21st HCL International Bridge Event one of the highest prize pools for any Bridge tournament worldwide.

I'm often asked if people play bridge for money, in a way similar to poker or other money games. I've always admitted that, no, people play bridge for master points except for a few experts at the top of their field. But in reality, there are opportunities to play for money, and this is one of them. Read More Here -->
How to make money playing bridge

Making Money From Playing Bridge

Bridge is a game with a dedicated following and offers numerous opportunities to earn money. Teaching, publishing, directing, even caddying are just a few. Read More Here -->
Bridge books and magazines resource - photo of woman in bridge motif sweater looking at a book made of playing cards

Essentials for today’s bridge book readers and collectors

I love bridge books, and have gathered many over my years in the world of bridge. If you're just starting out, here are some resources to get you going - Read More Here -->
The Best Bridge Podcasts

Your Favourite Bridge Podcasts

Are you looking for bridge related content for you morning walk? We've collected some favourite bridge podcasts for your audio library. Read More Here -->

15 Fascinating Superstitions To Share At Your Next Card Party 15 Fascinating Superstitions To Share At Your Next Card Party So, what’s the weirdest belief, myth or superstition about cards you’ve ever heard? We went digging for tall tales and superstitions about cards. Read more here →

Into Bridge Online bridge ClubeAre You IntoBridge? A New Online Bridge Platform Appears… Pair Stefan Skorchev / Christophe Grosset have launched a new online contract bridge platform that promises a sleek interface, famous bridge player presence, and an effective data processing system to rule out cheaters and creeps from the table. Read more here →

Face Card Tik Tok Card StoriesFace Card & Other TikTok Terms for Card Players Have you ever heard someone referred to as a face card? The start of TikTok brings almost a whole new vocabulary to keep track of, where terms might not necessarily mean what you think! Read more here →

Bridge News

The 2024 World Bridge Games (formerly the “Bridge Olympiad”) will be held at the Centro de Convenciones de Buenos Aires, Argentina with the Opening Ceremony on 22nd October and play from the 23rd October up to and including the 5th November 2024.

NEW BRIDGE LINKS – have you visited our New Links page recently? Lots of new bridge sites coming online over the past few months,  Check it out here ->

Women and Bridge

Women’s bridge links and news of interest for women who play bridge.

✓ Katherine Wei-Sender, Grand Life Master and winner of four major world women’s bridge titles, passed away peacefully in May in Boca Raton FL. A lovely tribute was printed in the Toronto NABC Daily Bulletin No.2. You can read it here.

✓ The latest version of the WBF Women’s Newsletter has been published and can be downloaded by clicking here.

Diana Gordon, long-time reigning queen of women’s bridge in Canada, died March 20 after a long and brave struggle with cancer. She was a world champion, many time Canadian champion, and life partner of George Mittelman.  Tributes can be found on Bridge Winners here.

BAMSA’s research on gender and bridge has attracted media attention. BBC Radio Scotland interviewed Professor Samantha Punch from Bridge: A MindSport for All (BAMSA) on 26 February. You can listen to the five minute radio interview here.

✓ Join the first ever Transnational European Online Women’s Team Championship, from 7-9 June, 2024 on the RealBridge platform. Win EBL Master Points, Medals & Monetary Prizes. Updated information will be found at this link:

Just Play Bridge – Solitaire Bridge Games

Robot Bridge is anytime fun for all levels.

Enjoy playing bridge with robots anytime anywhere – on your phone, your tablet or your computer. Play one hand, a 4-hand tournament, or challenge tournaments. You are always playing against robots and with a robot partner – solitaire style!

Bridge Innovation & Tidbits

New Platforms – To find the latest platforms to play bridge online, see our Play Bridge Online page.

The Unofficial Computer Bridge Championships 2023. Congratulations to QPlus 15.3 (one of the oldest bridge programs) for their first place finish, followed closely by Wbridge 5.12. Read more on our Bridge Software pages.

The History of Big Deal – Big Deal is a program for dealing bridge hands first introduced at the Bridge Olympiad in 2000. Written by Hans Van Staveren, it has been recently updated (BigDeal 2.0). In commemoration of this, perhaps the final, update, Hans has published The History of Big Deal for, well, history!

Computer Vision is designed to detect cards (with timing and orientation) in real time. It automatically detects and records timing (i.e. hesitations, slow play) as well as the bidding and play, providing accurate records for all hands at all tables. It also detects behavioural indicators (e.g. card orientation) – in other words, potential cheating mechanisms. AI and Computer Vision researchers at Monash University in Australia have developed an initial proof of concept and even with a standard laptop, vision can be processed and annotated in realtime. Running trials during the 2023 World Championships, researchers are hoping to attract funding support to develop the software further. Link to see the trial in action  video here


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