Learn to play bridge

Links last updated October 2023

These teachers and their websites provide good resources for the learning bridge player.

Why Play Bridge?

The magnetic pull of bridge lies not only in its ability to sharpen the mind and challenge one’s wit but also in the remarkable social fabric it weaves. Through bridge, individuals can forge lifelong friendships, tap into a global network of players, and embrace the profound joys that come from both victory and the lessons learned in defeat. So, why play bridge? Because it offers a multifaceted experience that enriches one’s social life, enhances mental acuity, and invites individuals to join a welcoming community that celebrates the captivating allure of the game.

 Learn Bridge with Adam Parrish – Adam Parrish is a top bridge teacher and author. You’ll find courses, books and events on his website.

Bridge Whiz –  BridgeWhiz is an exciting, free online program from the ACBL Education Foundation designed for young contract bridge students Grades 4-12, who would like to learn more about the game – Summer 2022: BridgeWhiz has a new website!

 Intro to Bridge Are you ready to learn how to play? Presenting Intro to Bridge, a new interactive online course from the American Contract Bridge League.

Best Bridge Lessons – Learning bridge with Silvana and Rich Morici is easy, fun and effective. No lectures. Play and learn.

Oasis Bridge Tuition – Learn Bridge Online, purchase bridge lesson videos – https://www.oasisbridgetuition.co.uk/

BridgeLessons.com – provides the advancing bridge player access to unique content created and delivered by world class bridge players and instructors. Rob Barrington, Gavin Wolpert, Anam Tebha and others instructing.Welcome to BridgeLesson.com. This site provides the advancing bridge player access to unique content created and delivered by world class bridge players and instructors.  Purchase live lessons, and login on schedule. Video here – https://bridgelesson.com/help/

Find Teachers and Clubs in North America on the ACBL’s Try Bridge  Try Bridge Dot Org!

Learn Bridge In A Day It is the perfect combination of mental challenge and social interaction. Whirlwind Bridge gives players with busy lives the most effective and convenient bridge learning experience possible, regardless of skill level. – https://whirlwindbridge.com/

New Tricks Bridge offers in-depth tutorials, and the New Tricks Tournament Series, featuring eight of the world’s best bridge players, battling it out for individual glory. This exciting new website and program is providing a new source for online bridge resources for beginners and experienced players – all in video format. We’ve interviewed one of the founders Sue Johnson – read article here ->

Bridge Learning Centre Larry Cohen, one of America’s premier bridge teachers, very generously shares his articles and puzzles and lessons on this great site. Larry’s new site has a lot of features, including bridge lessons by zoom.

Really Easy Bridge – from English Bridge Union. Really Easy Bridge is the EBU’s scheme to help introduce newcomers to the world of tournament bridge. The website has a focus on making bridge easy to learn. Information such as ‘Bridge Terms’, ‘Point Count Table’, ‘Really Easy Books’ etc. There are Really Easy Bridge books for sale.

English Bridge Education and Development – Learn, Teach, Grants

Karen’s Bridge Library – Learning resources, features, book reviews, links to Bulletin articles. This is one of the internet’s oldest sites (almost as old as Great Bridge Links!) and offers a wealth of resources.

Hondo Bridge – Howard Schutzman – teacher and expert player on Bridge Base Online – Howard has created an audio visual lesson series entitled In Depth Bridge. Using your web browser, you can hear Howard’s voice discussing the lesson while simultaneously viewing the bridge on your screen.  This is another old site, but still has great information.

Bridge Questions and  Lessons from Kitty Cooper

Bridge Hands presents Hand of the Week videos offering lessons while watching a variety of real people play real hands at the table. This site is no longer updated, but with other sites like this, the information is excellent. Good bridge technique is timeless!

No Fear BridgeThe Website for Learners. Learn bridge! No Fear Bridge is the most fun way to learn how to play bridge. The member’s site is packed with online learning activities for bridge beginners, improvers and advancers. Note: There is a fee after the first two weeks. This is a UK website and teaches ACOL. If you’re interested in playing North American Bridge you’ll want to learn Standard American.

The Fifth Chair Foundation – website with lots of goodies for learners, teachers and anyone interested in improving their Bridge game. The site no longer seems to be managed or updated, but there is still a whole lot of information available.

Ethics & Etiquettes from Jeff Tang “If someone had told me all the things I’ve written here when I first started playing bridge, it would have been saved me a lot of trouble.” Click Here ::>

Beginners’ Guide to Bridge – Ontario, Canada Dan Berkley’s site includes bridge lessons for beginners, links to Internet Bridge Clubs, bridge resources and sample lesson.

Crypto Lists Ltd offers a guide to trading crypto, a popular pastime for many Bridge players. You’ll find a bunch of free guides to help you learn more about cryptocurrencies.