Face-to-Face Bridge Tournaments have been discontinued until the end of the Covid-19 Global Pandemic. Below you’ll find links to online bridge tournament venues, platforms and events.


Online Tournament Venues & Platforms

This is a listing of online tournament websites. You can also find daily tournaments offered through the online play platforms listed on our Play Online Page here ->   Further down this page, we list news and updates for events and results.


Bridge Base Online Events –

ALT Invitational Events –

World Bridge Tour

Bridge Zone

Reynolds Team Matches –

OCBL (Online Contract Bridge League) –




BBO Help Desk How to Claim – PDF from the ACBL

BBO How to Alert your Bids – PDF from the ACBL

BBO Convention Cards – PDF from the ACBL

OnlineBridge – Different mechanics, same laws – PDF from the ACBL


ACBL NAOBC July 14-25

The ACBL’s replacement for the Providence Summer Nationals, the North American Online Bridge Championships, will be held on BBO from July 14 to 25. As well as the Grand National Teams final, there will be KO Teams and Matchpointed and IMP Pairs.The schedule can be found here:

The 2021 United States Bridge Championships (USBC) July 24. August 7.

Schedules and Details – The events will include a mix of online and face-to-face play. Deadlines for entry begin in July ( Open: July 24th, Mixed: August 7th, Seniors: August 21st, Women’s: Sept. 9th). Jan Martel, USBF Tournament Organizer, has posted details on Bridge Winners Here – >

Swedish Bridge Festival Online July 30-Aug 7

Having had to cancel the Swedish Bridge Festival this year, Svenska Bridgeförbundet has organised an online festival from July 30 to August 7.The events to be held are:

Junior Pairs – July 30

Chairman’s Cup Teams – July 31 to August 5 (Swiss Qualifying and KO) Gold Pairs – July 30 to August 7

All events will be held on RealBridge. Juniors play free.  More information can be found here:

World Bridge Super Bowl

ACT Bridge (Accademia del Bridge Tevere) and the site have announced the World Bridge Super Bowl 2021.This new competition will take place on RealBridge with maximum security and flexibility of format.The event will end on October 31. Further information can be found here:


Bridge Winners runs Club Games on Real Bridge – Weekly. Single Session. 2 Hours. $3 per person. Juniors play free. Read about it here – >

World Bridge Tour. Fairness. Adaptation. Integrity. Respect. Founded by Thomas Charlsen and Boye Brogeland. World Bridge Tour (WBT) consists of online top level team tournaments organised by OCBL, ALT, E-Open and World Bridge Holding. Challengers Cup (CC) consists of online team tournaments organised by World Bridge Holding | Calendar of events here

BridgeZone’s Swiss Pairs event, The Gauntlet, is open for registration. – It is an 8-round event of one match per week, 20 boards against your opponent for that week, scored by IMPs converted to VPs Signing up and playing requires creating a login on our website,   Play will begin on or around November 1.  Complete rules are on the website.

Bridge Zone Joust is a monthly single elimination tournament with a progressive consolation. Starts on the 1sts 6th of each month and first round matches have 10 days to complete. Each round is a minimum of 28 board match. (longer in the semifinals and finals)

Reynolds Team Matches – TD Tom Reynolds has been organising monthly knockout tournaments and quarterly double elimination knockouts since April. Information can be found at

World’s Best: The Polish Bridge Union ( and the Canadian Bridge Federation ( cosponsored the Transatlantic Online Seniors Championship for national teams Jan. 18-Feb. 7, 2021 on BBO. Visit website here – >  The field was probably the strongest ever seen in the Internet – participants held together 203 titles of World and Zonal champions + 359 silver and bronze medals. You can also watch on Twitch

National Bridge Organizations – Many National Bridge Organisations, including the USBF (, Canadian Bridge Federation ( and Israeli Bridge Federation ( have organised, or are in the process of organising, online events. Check the NBO websites for specifics. Use the links above or visit the WBF page of National Bridge Organizations to find something in your part of the world

FISU has announced that the 2022 FISU World University Championship Mind Sports will be held in Antwerp, Belgium, from 12th to 17th September 2022.

45th World Bridge Team Championships – 2021 edition, 27th March-9th April 2022. Read more here ->

See something here but now it’s gone?  We archive all our News Snippets on the news archive page here ->

Platform Events & Updates

ALT Events

ALT Invitational tournaments, usually lasting five-seven days, have been organised since April by bid72 and  Read about Alt’s plans for 2021 on Bridge Winners here ->

Alt Bridge Website for Information

Full schedule of ALT events (two per month) can be found here ->

The Alt Team has the honour to introduce to you the New Alt Competition which starts in January 2021 and will consist of 10 independent team tournaments being played once a month. Each tournament will be played during one week from Monday to Friday from 10:00 EDT (16:00 CET) till 15:00 EDT (21:00 CET); approximately 32 boards per day. We anticipate our sessions to not overlap with other popular open category events. Please kindly note the dates of all tournaments:04 – April 26-30
06* – June 21-25
07* – August 23-27
08* – September 20-24
09* – October 25-29
10* – November 8-12
reserve – December 13-17

* subject to confirmation

OCBL Events 2021

The Online Contract Bridge League.

Key Event Links

BridgeScanner has a list of events and tournament news items at this link ->

Bridge Winners is a forum for bridge players and organizers around the world. Find it  at this link ->

BIC and ACBL events on the new Bridge Base Online newsfeed here ->

The IBPA Guide to online bridge (July 2021)

Here is information about cancelled live tournaments, current and planned online events, and news about some of the planned-for live tournaments in 2021 and beyond:

WBF The 2021 World Team Championships and the 2021 World Youth Team Championships have been cancelled.The next World Team Championships will be held in Salsomaggiore from March 27 to April 9, 2022; the World Bridge Series will be held in Wroclaw September 2-17, 2022. See for details. ACBL Some pair and team events are on BBO. See and Plans to begin live bridge again in 2021.The 2021 Providence Summer NABC has been moved to 2022; the Austin Fall NABC is currently scheduled to be held face-to-face.

EBL Has scheduled its World Championship Qualifiers for August 23-28 online.The 19th Champions Cup is scheduled to be held live in Slovakia Nov. 11-13, 2020 see for details.

Zonal Organisations Some Zones of the World Bridge Federation have run and will continue to run online championships until the pandemic ends. Check the Zonal websites for information.

NBOs Many National Bridge Organisations have organised, and are continuing to organise, online events for their own members. Check the NBO websites for specifics. Sweden has moved the Swedish Festival online. See https:/

/ USBF has scheduled its next Trials for September/October 2021. Reynolds Knockouts TD Tom Reynolds has been organising monthly knockout tournaments and quarterly double elimination knockouts since April, 2020. Information can be found at Alt Invitationals Invitational tournaments, usually lasting five to seven days, have been organised by bid72 and date, there have been Alt Invitationals (open team tournaments),Alt Mixed events (all comprising eight teams),Alt Majors (32 teams) and Alt BAMs. Information can be found at https://bid72/events. Each event has a daily bulletin. Email for an invitation (Jan van den Hoek).

OCBL The Online Contract Bridge League organises Open and Mixed events. Details can be found at https:// OCBL also produces a daily journal. See also

Bridgehouse This organisation is arranging online team events with daily bulletins. Information can be found at

All of the online tournaments named above are on BBO ( or RealBridge (https:// Other useful sites: and

Anyone organising an online tournament can submit details to Marek Wójcicki at for inclusion on the IBPA website (

From Bridge Scanner


Bridge Festival Lozenets – 2021 – July 7 – 11, Lozenets, Bulgaria

Festival Samara Trophy – 2021 – July 7 – 11, Samara region, Russian Federation

Pärnu Summer tournament – 2021 – July 9 – 10, Hommiku 8, Pärnu, Pärnu maakond, Eesti

Australian National Championships – 2021 – July 11 – 22, Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, Mounts Bay Road, Perth WA, Australia


 July Mixed Teams MMT – 2021 – July 5 – 8, Mixed Teams (VP) – 224 boards

WBT Champions Cup Final – 2021 – July 5 – 11 – Open Teams (VP) – 336 boards

Dansk Bridgefestival – 2021 – July 9 – 18

Shree Cement Bridge Championships – 2021, July 9 – 18

• Open Teams (VP) – 224 boards

• Open Pairs (MP) – 216 boards

• Open Pairs (MP)

Llandudno WBU Green Pointed Pairs Weekend – 2021on BBO and open to all home nation players – 2021 – July 10 – 11. Open Pairs (MP) – 93 boards. Open Pairs – Swiss Pairs (MP) – 42 boards

Tournaments сontinue:

International bridge festival of Biarritz – 2021 – July 1 – 11, Biarritz, France – Live results

Memoriał Łukasza Sławińskiego – V – 2021 – May 11 – August 29 – Live results


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