World Bridge Games 2016

2016 World Bridge Games, Wroclaw, Poland

3rd – 17th September at the magnificent Hala Stulecia, or Centennial Hall 

The World Bridge Games comprises National Open, Women’s, Seniors and, for the first time Mixed Teams followed by National Open, Women’s Seniors and Mixed Pairs Championships.


‘Open Teams
1. Netherlands (Sjoert Brink, Simon de Wijs, Bas Drijver, Bob Drijver, Bauke Muller, Bart Nab)
2. Monaco
3. Poland

Women’s Teams

1. USA (Lynn Deas, Beth Palmer, Kerri Sanborn, Janice Seamon-Molson, Sylvia Shi, Tobi Sokolow)
2. France
3. China

Seniors Teams

1. USA (Bob Hamman, Hemant Lall, Zia Mahmood, Chip Martel, Jeff Meckstroth, Reese Milner)
2. France
3. Denmark

Mixed Teams

1. Netherlands (Aida Jansma, Jan Jansma, Richard Ritmeijer, Magdalena Ticha)
2. Russia
3. Bulgaria

Open Pairs

1. Sabine Auken-Roy Welland (Germany)
2. Ashley Bach-Michael Cornell (New Zealand)
3. Keyzad Anklesaria-Sunit Chokshi (India)

Women’s Pairs

1. Hila Levi-Adi Asulin (Israel)
2. Marina Pilipovic-Nikica Sver (Croatia)
3. Ling Gu-Tao Zhou (China)

Seniors Pairs

1. Goran Sellden-Bjorn Wenneberg (Sweden)
2. John Carruthers-Joseph Silver (Canada)
3. Badal Chandra Das-Aloke Sadhu (India)

Mixed Pairs

1. Igor Khazanov-Maria Lebedeva (Russia)
2. Marta Sikora-Adam Walczynski (Poland)
3. Anna Kowalska-Marek Tyran (Poland)

Keep Calm and Play Bridge

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Tournament Background

Tournament Background

The World Bridge Games were formerly known as the World Teams Olympiad. The event became the World Bridge Games in 2008 when it was held as part of the World Mind Sport Games in Beijing and was again held as part of the Mind Sport Games in Lille in 2012. Following these two occasions it will now revert to being the World Bridge Games organised and run by the World Bridge Federation.

The World Bridge Games are held every four years, in the same year as the Summer Olympics (a leap year).

The event comprises Open, Women’s and Senior Teams and Pairs Championships for National Teams with one team from each WBF Member Country being invited to participate in each of the three series.

Articles and Blogs

Articles and Blogs

There’s nothing like a world championships to inspire the best bridge writers in the world. Here are some links and we’ll be adding to this list as the tournament continues!

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World Computer Championships

World Computer Bridge Championship

This year’s World Championships  is sponsored by Ourgame, a leading online card and board game developer and operator in China. Computer World Championships Official Website