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The Best 10 Bridge Books for Holidays (& Beyond!)

Setting up your reading list for the end of 2021, or the beginning of 2022? The bridge greats have had a busy time, and there are more than a handful of new bridge books to read. Barry Rigal, Kit Woolsey, Mark Horton, and Barbara Seagram are only some of the veteran bridge writers who have had just one more thing to say – and we're very glad for it! Here are 10 of the best bridge books for the holidays.
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The Best Bridge Podcasts
The Best Bridge Podcasts
The Best Bridge Podcasts by Alex J Coyne © 2021 Great Bridge Links The term ‘Podcast’ was first coined in 2004 when an app called ...
Card Games for Hallowe'en
Card Games for Halloween
The 31st of October marks the start of Old Hallows Eve, Halloween, or Sahmain - depending on what you prefer to call it. It's the ...
Merchants and Marketplaces for Card Collectors
Merchants and Marketplaces for Card Collectors
Here's a look at where to find some of the best merchants and marketplaces for card-related things, from vintage to rare collector's items ...
Bridge Whiz - ACBL
BridgeWhiz: Bringing Bridge to More… Online
Great Bridge Links caught up with Kristen Frederick and Alvin Bender from the ACBLEF for all the important details. Here's what bridgeurs should know about ...
American Bridge Association
The American Bridge Association: Mark Your Calendars for the Welcome Back Tournament This November!
The ABA holds a position of national importance today. Their website is a rich resource of lessons, information about bridge, and more details about their ...
What is RealBridge?
Important Real-Life Bridge Questions We Asked RealBridge 
Online bridge is alive with possibility, with the game getting fresh players and spectators on a daily basis. As the number of bridge players continues ...
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