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Swan Games Online Bridge Platform Play Online Bridge

Welcome Back Swan Games!

One of online bridge's oldest platforms has just relaunched and this is good news for online bridge!
Womens Online Bridge Festival Autumn 2023
WBF Women’s Online Autumn Festival
Play with human or robot partners in this annual women's event on BBO. The Autumn Festival is scheduled for Nov 6-12 ...
Hand Holding Cards Bridge Player
RealBridge & BAMSA:Teacher & Coach Conference 7+8 Oct ‘23
The last 5 years have seen a decline in newcomers to the game, and also a drop in participation by existing players. But the last ...
Play bingo with playing cards
How to play bingo with playing cards 
Whether you're at camp with the kids or hanging out with friends at the pub, this can be a fun and spontaneous game with little ...
A group of players playing a card game while drinking coffee
Cognitive Benefits of Card Games: Enhance your Memory and Strategic Thinking
Card games are an exciting variation of table games with several benefits. For one, it strengthens relationships and socialization. This is because it can be ...
Diagram of Klondike Solitaire setup
Klondike Solitaire: A Gateway to Other Solitaire Games
Klondike Solitaire is one of the original solitaire games. Learn the origins of Klondike solitaire, how to play, and tips for winning! ...
World Bridge Tour Update – Readying for the Windy City
Three events during the European Transnational Championships qualified as part of the World Bridge Tour in Strasbourg France this summer. Now competitors ready for the ...
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