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Norway Bridge Champions

From Norway to the World Stage: Renowned Bridge Players

Norwegian bridge players have gained recognition for their exceptional skills, captivating enthusiasts around the world. Norway has made huge contributions to the international bridge scene and showcased its talent on the world stage.
The World's Top Women Mindsports Champions. Photo of Vanessa Selbst with wife and puppies.
Women Champions in Bridge, Chess, and Poker
References and resources have long understated women's mindsports contributions - including within bridge, chess, and poker. Let's take a look at today's women champions! ...
Cartoon bananas swimming at the lake, with scrabble tiles around - can you play bananagrams with scrabble tiles
Can You Play Bananagrams with Scrabble Tiles?
Bananagrams is a fast-paced word game that is similar to Scrabble but does not require a board. It is designed for 1-8 players and emphasizes ...
The Invention of the Bridge Card Game
The Invention of the Bridge Card Game: History by DashTickets
Games like Whist went through a series of major changes that eventually led to the the game of bridge we know today. Let's look at the ...
Blackjack Terminology - image of laptop, poker chips, and two Aces
Blackjack – Your guide to the game’s terminology
Blackjack is one of the most popular online and offline card games in the casino gaming landscape. For the best gaming experiences, it is essential to ...
HCL Bridge 2024
21st HCL International Bridge Event one of the highest prize pools for any Bridge tournament worldwide.
I'm often asked if people play bridge for money, in a way similar to poker or other money games. I've always admitted that, no, people ...
How to make money playing bridge
Making Money From Playing Bridge
Bridge is a game with a dedicated following and offers numerous opportunities to earn money. Teaching, publishing, directing, even caddying are just a few ...
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