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Meet Ben the bridge playing AI

Meet Ben, a Bridge AI with a difference

Ben is one of the latest bridge AI programs introduced to the market via IntoBridge. Great Bridge Links & Alex J. Coyne took a moment to find out more from its creator, Lorand Dali.
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World Bridge Federation August 2022
Beyond the Boys’ Club: Why the World Bridge Tour Needs to Address Gender Diversity
I was very excited to see it the World Bridge Tour implemented as a trial in 2023 but upon blogging about details and checking out ...
World Bridge Tour 2023
What is the World Bridge Tour all about?
We've been hearing about the World Bridge Tour for quite a few years and it's nice to see the idea has finally been implemented. Below ...
Play Live Bridge Online
Bridge 21 & Live Bridge Online
Live Bridge Online is one of the newest online platforms designed for players and clubs both digital and face to face. We interviewed William Wheeler ...
Bridge Holidays Play Bridge on Holiday
Bridge with a Holiday
If you're wanting to plan a holiday and aren't sure where to go or what you will do, perhaps a bridge vacation is just the ...
Bridge Champ Online Bridge Platform Crypto NFT Blockchain
Who’s the Bridge Champ now?
Rafael Fernandes announces the launch of Bridge Champ - a cutting-edge online bridge platform with a diverse range of features including NFT Badges and Crypto ...
Institute for Bridge Arbitration
Status of the Institute for Bridge Arbitration
The Institute for Bridge Arbitration (“IBA”) is up and running and soon will be able to provide expert bridge arbitrators to resolve cheating allegations and ...
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