The Bridge Hackathon was born when Huang couldn't find an answer on his favorite bridge developer forum to the question, “Can this talented group work together in big teams on a small number of globally-impacting projects?” Read Alex's interview here.

BridgeBee: An Interactive Beehive of Bridge Hands

BridgeBee App
BridgeBee is a new bridge trainer app with a difference. A hybrid between a bridge lesson and an interactive AI-guided chatbot, this could be one of the best ways to inspire players and hone skills. “The entire design of the app – from registering, to purchasing, to playing – was designed to stand out with its emphasis on a modern and easy-to-use interface.” Mary Maier, co-creator.

The Many Advantages of Playing Card Games Online

Man on Sofa Using Laptop - Great Bridge Links
Online casinos are gaining in popularity, but it’s not all just about the commodity they offer or the huge variety of games you can pick from. Online gaming can be good for your health!