Asking the ACBL About Their Future Tablet Game

Bridge played with tablets
This unique way of playing bridge is now known as the Martel Method – named after bridgeur Jan Martel, who is called instrumental in bringing tablets to USBF events.  Great Bridge Links and Alex J. Coyne caught up with Greg Coles, the ACBL's Director of Operations to dig into their future plans involving tablet bridge.

The Chrome Add-On Guide to Bridge Base Online

Google Chrome Extensions for Bridge Base Online
Chrome is one of the world's most powerful internet browsers, and one of the most popular access points for online bridge. If you are both a Chrome and Bridge Base Online user, then you're in luck... Browser add-ons (also called extensions) can bring a little more to the game.

Your Guide to Online Bridge Alert Procedures

Alert procedures in bridge
Alert!  It's not really something that comes up while you play Monopoly, Uno or Duel Monsters, but alert procedures are an important part of the bridge bidding phase. Alert procedures are meant to call attention to specific bids you make, usually when the meaning of a convention or bid might not be clear to your opponents. 

So you want to start a podcast

Bridge Podcasts How To Great Bridge Links
Podcasts are to radio what streaming is to television. Content is similar, but people get theirs through apps or the internet. There are podcasts out there for everything, from celebrity shows to bizarre conspiracy theories (and of course, for the game of bridge). Here's what you should know about the busy world of bridge podcasts, and what you're going to need if you want to create your own.