Are You Twitching to Stream Your Game?

Stream your bridge game on Twitch TV
There was a time when bridge blogs were all the rage. Today, live streaming seems to be the 'new blog.' Learn how you can get started streaming your bridge game on Twitch, and find out who else is there.

The Attraction of Magnetic Bridge

Magnetic Playing Cards
Face to face play is returning and this summer you'll see a lot of card games taking place out of doors. But card tables on the grass can be unsteady, and mother nature's breezes can be playful. The last thing you want is for your expertly bid 6NT to suddenly lose its dummy in the wind. Enter Magnetic Bridge Cards.

Suggestions for your 2021 Bridge Library

Bridge Books 2021
It's the end of an interesting (and simultaneously tragic) year, and the start of the next. If you're reading this, you're still here, and so is the game. Now is the time when bridge readers to stock their shelves and e-readers with upcoming bridge stuff so here's what to look forward to in the early parts of 2021.

Bridge & Cheating in the New World

Team Blass
Online play has been wholeheartedly embraced and welcomed. Clubs are able to continue to run. A recent online charity game in Main CA was able to raise $158,000. Bridge is suddenly way more accessible. At the same time, however, so is cheating.