Bridge Clubs After COVID-19

Duplicate Lite Bridge Club, Vancouver Canada
Lockdown restrictions are lifting throughout the world. As rules continue to relax, many bridge players and clubs are hoping to return to face-to-face playing. But not all clubs will choose to re-open for physical games this soon.

Tablet Talk: How Tablets Will Change Face-to-Face Bridge Tournaments

Love Bridge Tablet Bridge Tablet Bridge Tournaments
Bridge tournaments played face-to-face might soon introduce the use of tablets instead of physical playing cards and bidding boxes. The United States Bridge Federation (USBF) is one organization considering the option of tablets for its 2021 USBCs. Health concerns and easier record-keeping are just some reasons why tablets could be a better bet.

Catching Up with New Tricks Bridge

Catching Up with New Tricks Bridge - Great Bridge Links
New Tricks Bridge Club is an online resource that encourages learning bridge for everyone. Free lessons, a Tournament Series with expert commentary, and videos about bridge are just some of what NTBC has to offer.

5 New Contract Bridge Books for Your Reading List

Bridge at the top
If you're an enthusiastic bridge reader, here's the best news you might receive this month: A handful of brand new bridge books have just appeared on eBooksBridge and the BridgeWinners online store!

Learning Bridge This Summer? Add These 13 Excellent Bridge Lesson Websites!

Bridge Lessons
Learn bridge this month with 12 excellent bridge-teacher websites that offer students only the best. We've collected 12 of the greatest expert players, bridge writers, and card tutors to bring you this list.