Play Contract Bridge Online

At an online duplicate or contract bridge club, individuals are able to play bridge against others from around the world. Usually the rooms are open 24/7, with bridge players of all levels and experience enjoying each other’s company over a game of cards. On this page you will find links to online contract bridge clubs, play online bridge apps, and the latest links to online bridge play services and sites.

The tabs below will show you a list of Online Bridge Platforms where you will play against and with HUMANS.  We also have a full page of bridge apps where you play against ROBOTS, you can find it on the menu at left.

Links last updated April 2024

ACBL Masterpoints

Meet new players or play with your favourite partner from the comfort of your own home virtually any time day or night. Fees vary by site. Many sites also offer features such as lessons, free social rooms, partnerships and more. Most games are a quick 12 boards. Below you can find a list of platforms that offer ACBL Masterpoints. As well you can visit the ACBL Play Online for Masterpoints Page here.

Bridge Base Online– Affectionately called BBO, this is the largest bridge club online. See also bridge apps. Large community. Lessons. Tournaments. and Vugraph.

Swan Games – Online club where you can win ACBL masterpoints. Newly launched Fall 2023!

Fun Bridge – Play ACBL Tournaments and earn masterpoints online. How to click here.

Other Online Bridge Clubs

English Bridge Union Masterpoint Sites

Bridge Base Online– largest bridge club online. See also bridge apps. Large community. Lessons. Tournaments. and Vugraph.

Fun Bridge– Play Tournaments and earn EBU masterpoints online.

Bridge Club LIVE!– In operation over 17 years, Bridge Club Live is where the rest of the world plays bridge.

Real BridgePlay bridge face to face online. This club has gained a lot of membership and popularity over the past few years, hosting many major tournaments.

OKbridge – the original online bridge club and still one of the largest and most popular. OKBridge was online before the web – we used to play on OKbridge in 1990. You will enjoy their lovely new website.

StepBridge is an online bridge provider of the Netherlands Bridge Federation, which runs games for the Welsh Bridge Union and is currently free for users and clubs.

CanalBridge – CanalBridge est un club de Bridge virtuel francophone gratuit qui permet à ses membres de jouer au Bridge entre eux de chez eux ou d’ailleurs sur Internet. Free French-speaking bridge club.

IntoBridge – play against real people only (no bots) with options for chat, video or audio communications. Tournaments and possibly maswill eventually be offered.

Live Bridge – Play bridge face to face online

BBOTurkiyeInternational Chinese

StepBridge  (Australia) Freethe only Australian based internet bridgeclub. We are a not for profit Bridge Club run by the members and affiliated with the ABF (Australian Bridge Federation) and SABF (South Australia Bridge Federation).

Play Social Bridge Online with Trickster Bridge. – Bridge Online, Your Way Let the fun begin. Play the game you love with friends and family or get matched with other live players at your level. Trickster Bridge offers customizable rules so you can play Bridge your way! Read all about it ->

Newer Platforms

These are the ‘new kids’ on the block. Here are some new Play Bridge Online Platforms which have been introduced recently. On these platforms you can arrange to meet friends, play with strangers from around the world, and enter platform-specific events and tournaments. All feel they’re offering you a unique experience – and most are free – to start. So dig in! We welcome feedback too – 

Bridge Live / Bridge 21. One of the newest online platforms designed for players and clubs both digital and face to face

Bridge Champ. The Next Generation Of Online Bridge Playing online Bridge can be complex. Bridge Champ makes it easier for you!

IntoBridge Designed, with you and for you, the most comprehensive and intuitive bridge platform on the market.

Bridgestars Online Bridge platforms have become outdated. We developed a modern platform for Bridge players all around the world to play unlimited Bridge for free.

Play Online Tournaments

The shut down of face to face bridge caused by the Covid 19 pandemic gave rise to many opportunities to play online bridge including tournaments. Click here for a list of websites that continue to host online tournaments.


Web Based Online Play Vs Robots

These are not iOS or Android Apps, you navigate to and play on the website using your browser. But no software download required.

BridgEZis for robot play only and free of charge. The bridge engine is the same as in one of the most successful programs in the World Computer Championship, Wbridge5. You play it using a browser.

Will-Bridge – play bridge online against a world champion computer. Includes Discover Bridge for novices with Eddie Kantar and Intermediate Match Play with more advance modules coming soon.

247 Bridge is a quick, fun way to get right into a Bridge game. Online play, no app

ACBL Just Play Bridge– play right away, online only, no app. BBO Engine.

Bridge Now! advertises itself as an instant Bridge game against a ‘world champion’ bot. No app, online only.

AARP Bridge is from the AARP Foundation, and they offer some games for their members to unwind – or practice. Online play, no app

RoboBridgeis for Robot Play only and free of charge. The bridge engine is the same used in the RoboBridge program, which has competed in the World Computer Championship, placed 4th as best in 2017. RoboBridge is available for Window browsers with an app or stand alone.

SoBridge – one daily free game, register and subscribe for more. Online play, no app

SkyBridge– There’s a free daily deal or you can upgrade to play unlimited hands. Play against robots. Online play, plus app.

Quick Bridge was developed and sent to us by Wesley Steiner. Playable in your browser, it’s perfect for a quick, no-frills bridge game for honing your skills at the table. Quick Bridge is also available as software that you can download to your Windows box.

Enjoy Bridge – – Enhance your bridge declarer play. improves your declarer play skills with many practice hands, explanations of the best play and scores for each hand.

Web Based Online Play – Learn To Play

Best EBridge – browser based bridge play for learners. Some free stuff. Some subscription stuff. Bidding, online lessons, hand play.

The Bridge Doctor– online bridge club for beginners. ACOL or Standard American. Play against Robots. No app, but mobile friendly.

Begin Bridge – Improve beginner bridge players’ skills and teach bridge in an entertaining, and an easy way.

Facebook Online Bridge

Leo Bridge is a Facebook application, which allows bridge players with a Facebook profile to play free (4 free deals a day, then shop for more), online bridge. Easy-to-use, straight forward interface, nice graphics and the advantage of playing with real people. In Leonardo Bridge you can schedule to play bridge with your friends at your convenience, or jump-in to an available seat, in existing tables. You can find new friends that share the same interest with you. Furthermore, you can socialize and have fun online through chat, while playing.  Leonardo Bridge was launched in March 2015.

Ultimate Bridge– Facebook game!

Learn Bridge Online

There are so many sites that will help you learn bridge. Be sure to visit our Learn to Play Bridge page where we have a complete listing.

Learn to Play Bridge Click Here

Bridge Apps

Bridge apps connect to servers where you are able to play at tables with real people and an ‘online club’ or play against robots. You can play tournaments or just a few hands. We’ve moved all our Play Online Bridge Apps to our Bridge Apps page.

Find Online Bridge Apps Click Here