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ACBLscore® is software used by clubs to score duplicate bridge and report results to the ACBL. ACBLscore® will handle almost any variation of movement, including individual. It can rank a stratified game with up to three strata, and can score by matchpoints, IMPs or Swiss Teams. It supports a database of players so that it will compute handicaps, print mailing labels, etc. On the web page you’ll find software specifications and downloads, as well as special instructions to submit a club report, update your club database, report special games, and post your game results on the Internet. Click here for ACBLscore information and downloads

PairsScorer – a bridge scoring program that is currently used by the English, Scottish and Welsh Bridge Unions as the scoring software for most of their main tournaments. Windows and Vista. Click here

EBU Bridge Scoring Software was originally sent to us from Jeff Smith, though now it’s been taken over by the English Bridge Union in the form of EBUScore. You can download the latest version of it here. Please note that files created with the original software (Jeff Smith’s) are no longer compatible with EBUScore.

Bridgescore+  (Hammond Software) is the successor to ACBLscore+, a project by ACBL. It is a powerful suite of scoring programs capable of running the smallest event at a club to running the largest tournaments. It is accessible through a password protected on-line web site. Swiss, KO, Pairs – and there’s a comprehensive suite of tutorial videos on their website. Contact for more information:

Bridge Scorer is an application that will allow you to quickly and easily allow you to score any individual contract bridge game.With the new Hand Creator you can create and share bridge hands with friends via SMS, facebook, e-mail or other sharing app installed on your Android device. Find out more here

Bridge Score Calculator. Using your Android phone or tablet, the Bridge Score Calculator displays any duplicate score possible. Simply Swipe and Tap your way to the contract and result desired. Find out more here

Contract Bridge Scoring Systems


BridgeMate Bridgemate is world’s most popular wireless scoring system for bridge clubs and tournaments. Its user-friendliness, functionality and reliability are unrivalled and lifts any club to a higher level.It is not all about scoring. Guiding players through the game, providing instant feedback of results, live rankings, game summaries and recording of hand records are just a few of the many features in the Bridgemate II.

The BridgePad™ scoring system, developed by a lifelong Duplicate Bridge player, is a sophisticated, yet easy to use Contract Bridge Scoring System for eliminating the distracting and time-consuming tasks of the traditional paper-based scoring system. Paper recording and manual entry of results into the scoring program is completely eliminated along with scoring errors and disputes due to mis-readings. Using the BridgePad™ system, the typical long wait for the final results of a game is dramatically reduced – final results are published almost immediately following the completion of the final board.

IBEScore – New kid on the block, IBEScore is a digital, app-based scoring system, offering a modern solution for bridge game scoring. It provides flexible subscription-based plans, including comprehensive support and training, making it ideal for clubs that prefer a fully digital (players use their phones) and service-oriented approach to scoring.

BridgeTab presents a cost-effective and innovative approach to bridge scoring, utilizing standard tablets as scoring devices. It offers free software and server licenses, emphasizing an intuitive user experience and compatibility with various scoring programs, ideal for clubs seeking a simple, digital scoring solution.

BriAn Launched December 2011, is  an electronic scoring system for contract bridge. It is designed to work with smartphones, including Android and iOS devices, and is versatile enough to support various forms of bridge play, including duplicates, tournaments, and café bridge. This makes it a flexible tool for organizing and scoring bridge games in diverse settings.

Which system should you use? Read a comprehensive guide to the above five systems including price comparisons and more.