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WBF Women’s Teams Online Feb 16th to 18th, 2024.

The World Bridge Federation (WBF) Women’s Committee is excited to announce the inaugural WBF Women’s Teams Online. This event marks a significant milestone in the world of competitive bridge, providing a global platform for women players to showcase their skills without the usual constraints of cost and travel. Read More Here –>

WBF Women’s Online Autumn Festival November 6-12 2023 – BBO

To play in the Festival is an opportunity to network, form partnerships and teams and then compete to the highest level in Bridge. Play against robots or humans in a variety of events. More information here →

Congratulations to Israel, 2023 World Champions – Venice Cup. 

Gold – Israel: Adi Asulin, Hila Levi, Adel Petelko, Ziv Tottman, Dana Tal, Noga Tal, Israel Yadlin npc
Silver- Turkiye: Asli Acar, Tuna Elmas, Berrak Erkan, Ozlem Kandolu, irem Ozbay, Hatice Ozgiir
Bronze – China: Huang Yan, Liu Yan, Ran Jing Rong, Yu Xiuting, Zhou Meiling, Zuo Xiaoxue, Wang Yannan npc, Li Xin coach

According to statistician Herman De wael, this is the second World Title for Adi Aslulin and Hila Levi, after the National Women Pairs in 2016. Dana Tal also has a previous World Title, Under-21 teams in 2006. Ozlem Kandolu and Hatice Ozgir win their second consecutive silver medal at a Venice Cup This is the eighth medal for Huang Yan, she was on the Venice Cup-winning team in 2017. Liu Yan (on her fourth world medal) was also on that team.

Top Photo Credit – From European Women’s Bridge FB Page

News & Links of Interest

Her Bridge Voice – a new women’s bridge substack is looking for your contributions! View substack here →

Women Online World Bridge Club

Women’s Online Bridge Festivals (WBF and BBO): Website here

European Women’s Bridge Committee has a great Youtube Channel with recordings of live training sessions. Find it here

European Women’s Bridge FB Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/womenbridge/

Women’s Bridge in the European Bridge League which will bring regular updates regarding current and future activities for promoting women to the forefront of International Bridge. View website here

A special edition of the WBF Women’s Newsletter has been published with contributions from and about many of the players and can be viewed here

Lady Milne 2023 – Congratulations to Venetia, Sally, Anne, Nevena, Debbie, Kath and Heather! These six bridge playing women took the lead in the final stages this past weekend, to win the 2023 Lady Milne teams championship for England. Read story on Her Bridge Voice here →.

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