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2024: Wolpert Bridge – Gavin and Hazel Wolpert’s Bridge Lessons

2024: Learn Bridge Online – Bridge lessons for all levels & bidding systems. Includes Free bridge lessons and videos made by our popular bridge teachers from around the world.

2024: YouTube Channel – Rob Brady – I like cards.

2024: YouTube Channel – @BridgeWithPete – G’day I’m Pete Hollands, a professional Australian bridge player, who makes play videos of the card game Bridge where I discuss my thoughts as I play a hand to help give other players an insight into my thought process.

2024: YouTube Channel – @bridgewithsteve – A place to view a lot of my Twitch streams. Will primarily be about the card game bridge, but may also feature maths challenges, crosswords or board game content too. 

2024: YouTube Channel – Bridge Unleashed – Tracy Bauer – This channel is a platform to share, learn, and promote the game we all love.

2024: YouTube Channel – Bridging the Digital Gap  Harnessing the power of Social Media and AI in Bridge Marketing

2024: Bernard Magee Bridge – Mr.Bridge is gone but his son, Bernard, has an established bridge site: Join BMB to improve your bridge with the UK’s #1 bridge tutor Bernard Magee.

2024: Bridge University – Learn to Play Bridge Like a Real Master with Krzysztop Martens.

2024: The Baron Barclay Blog – Find bridge book reviews, Frank Stewart’s bridge column, and more on this newly re-launched blog.

2024: Rhoda’s Rules – Rhoda Walsh shares rules and stories about the game of bridge.

2024: The World of Playing Cards – an established website which will delight those who love cards.

2024: The World’s Favourite Bidding Challenge. Hosted by Marc Smith and published on Real Bridge.

2024: 60 Second Bridge – Learn to play Bridge with our short and precise interactive Bridge lessons, quizzes, and online play. This isn’t a new site, but newly discovered. Looks great!

2024: A Teacher First – Learn to play bridge and solve puzzles.

Nov 2023: EDGARbridge – Developing trusted tools for efficiently detecting cheating in online bridge and using them to assist bridge organizations.

Winter 2023 – New York School of Bridge – Yoko Sobel and Maya Jonas-Silver teach bridge. Also home of the 2024 Bridge Pro Calendar. “Catch 12 of your favourite players away from the table.”

Winter 2023 – CueBids – Connect to your partner and start bidding. No need to be online at the same time. Compare with professionals and friends. Get instant feedback. Free.

Winter 2023: Institute of Bridge Arbitration – Administering bridge arbitrations and recruiting and training bridge players to serve as bridge arbitrators

Fall 2023 – Table Talk At Trump Card Bridge Club: The Bridge Card Game Where Humour Strategy And Friendship Converge   Craig Bradwelll is a first-time author who just published his first bridge novel about four students learning the game of bridge. It also pays tribute to My own Grimsby Bridge Club and pays tribute to its past and present members.

Fall 2023 – Bridge Training Portal – The teacher creates or downloads a deal. Students play this deal for free.

Fall 2023 – Swan Games – Online club where you can win ACBL masterpoints. Newly launched Fall 2023!

Summer 2023 –  Esther Bridge Lessons. A hypothetical Bridge Quintuple Emerald Lifemaster, Esther, through humorous dialogs, teaches her earnest student Bruce, basic principles and Bridge conventions.

Summer 2023 – Bridge Vid  Pete Hollands is professional bridge player & teacher who has represented the Australian open team. He runs a popular YouTube channel (Pete Hollands Bridge) where you can play tournaments and compare with him. He won two silver medals in the 2013 World Junior Championships.

Summer 2023 –  Bridge Solver – Bridge Solver Online is a free interactive bridge hand analyser utilising Bo Haglund’s well known double dummy solver module. There is now a version of Bridge Solver Online which is completely self contained, having no server components or external dependences.

Summer 2023: Learn Bridge In A Day It is the perfect combination of mental challenge and social interaction. Whirlwind Bridge gives players with busy lives the most effective and convenient bridge learning experience possible, regardless of skill level.

Summer 2023: 56 episode Learn to Play series called Bridge is for EveryoneClick here to enjoy and be sure to share with your friends and family.

Spring 2023: Bridge Live / Bridge 21. One of the newest online platforms designed for players and clubs both digital and face to face

Spring 2023: About the Opening Bid – Perry Gray worked over 35 years is Sports Media in Hamilton and Toronto and is now retired and looking to support and learn the great game of Bridge.

Spring 2023: Bridge Champ Wiki – Includes a Bridge Champ forum, mini-bridge, convention cards, and Bug Bounty Program

Spring 2023: Bridge 21 – A new approach to bidding.

Spring 2023: Bridge Instructors – It is not easy to find professional bridge player to play with. With Bridge Instructors you can play and learn with famous professional bridge players online.

Spring 2023: World Bridge Challenge. Online challenge tournaments using the BBO platform.

Spring 2023: IBESCore  – an onsite game scoring app players use during face to face play which tracks overall scores around the room. As well the Director can monitor progress, players can view scorecards, rankings or traveller comparisons, and friends and family can spectate from anywhere around the world as play happens.

Spring 2023: Bridge Champ. The Next Generation Of Online Bridge Playing online Bridge can be complex. Bridge Champ makes it easier for you!

Winter 2023: Robot Bridge Lectures by Josh Donn and Leo LaSota

Winter 2023: card game guides including a beginners guide on how to play Bridge (

Winter 2023: New website for Women’s Bridge in the European Bridge League which will bring regular updates regarding current and future activities for promoting women to the forefront of International Bridge. View website here

Winter 2022: Bridgestars – The platform you’ve always wanted. A modern platform for Bridge players all around the world to play unlimited Bridge for free

Fall 2022: Computer BridgeAre you interested in computer bridge and robot play? Then this site is for you!

Fall 2022: IntoBridge We designed, with you and for you, the most comprehensive and intuitive bridge platform on the market. IntoBridge is the work of a passionate team of demanding players, with one goal: to provide the best experience to the online players. So, we have worked hard to offer you an evolving, collaborative platform where everyone can progress while having a good time. IntoBridge is a living platform, designed to constantly grow and meet the community’s needs.

Summer 2022: BridgeWhiz has a new website!

Summer 2022: USEBIO is an XML file format for reporting bridge results from scoring programs. It was first used by the English Bridge Union but is now also used by Pianola, Bridgewebs and RealBridge among others. A new update to it, currently in draft form, has been released.