Can You Play Bananagrams with Scrabble Tiles?

Cartoon bananas swimming at the lake, with scrabble tiles around - can you play bananagrams with scrabble tiles
Bananagrams is a fast-paced word game that is similar to Scrabble but does not require a board. It is designed for 1-8 players and emphasizes speed, flexibility, and creativity in forming words. But is it possible to play the game with Scrabble tiles?

500 and Bridge: Exploring the Unique Features of Two Classic Card Games

500 Card Game
The game of 500 is often called Australia's national card game. A survey showed that more than half of Australians know the basics of 500, even if they haven't played since school or remember all the rules. This article explores how 500's unique features differ from those of Bridge.

Poker 101: What is poker, and how is it played.

What is poker and how is it played
Poker's roots in my own history started on Sunday nights with my father, mother, and three brothers. After our roast dinner and an episode of Wild Kingdom the table would be cleared and a green felt placed down. Then the cards and the poker chips would be brought out.

Start with Whist: A Guide to Winning Tricks

Whist is a trick taking card game you're going to love
Whist is a trick taking game that can be satisfyingly strategic, complex and simple at the same time. It's played with two partnerships, much like bridge, is very easy to learn.