CBD and Dementia

CBD and Dementia - Great Bridge Links
CBD also known as Cannabidiol comes from the Cannabis plant and has positive medicinal effects. It is legal in all 50 US States and has been used as a medicinal extract in the states since 1940. 

Studies show how this can make you smarter and more mindful

Card Games are Good for your mental health - Great Bridge Links
Bridge is always an exciting game to play with friends or relatives. Whether you’re playing the game online or spending the night to get a few rounds in, the game is a great way to blow off steam while having fun at the same time. And Bridge is not the only card game that has these effects.

Bridging the Social Canyon

Bridge - a social game - Great Bridge Links
Bridge has a lengthy, multi-layered history, but the version we play today evolved from the game whist. In whist, actual gameplay was almost identical, but there was no betting beforehand, and thus no trump suit. In addition, the scoring was vastly simplified.

Can Games Like Bingo and Bridge Boost your Mental Health?

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Recent WhichBingo analysis of Sport England data revealed that 1.9 million people in the UK are playing bingo every month making the game more popular than sports like tennis and badminton.