The Gamer’s Toolbox: Essential Software for Better Gameplay

The Gamer’s Toolbox: Essential Software for Better Gameplay

Are you searching for must-have applications for your recently acquired gaming PC? Well, you’ve come to the perfect spot. Whether you’ve recently purchased a gaming PC or assembled one from scratch, that buzzing combination of silicon and plastic requires top-notch software to maximize its potential. Luckily for you, even if your budget is tight, there are ten best gaming software available that won’t put a dent in your wallet.

#1 MSI Afterburner

Let’s begin with the basics: Modifying and monitoring the performance of your gaming hardware. MSI Afterburner, a free utility compatible with both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards, allows you to track essential statistics for your hardware.

Afterburner enables you to observe your GPU’s clock speed, temperatures, fan speed, and even the in-game frame rate. You can conveniently configure it to display on your screen while you play. Feeling adventurous? You can also overclock and adjust power limits.

#2 TeamSpeak

Gaming provides an excellent opportunity to escape reality, but nothing quite compares to joining friends online and chatting through headsets. Whether you’re teaming up on World of Warcraft or simply having a casual conversation while each person plays their own game, a reliable voice-over internet protocol (VoIP) app is a must.

While there are numerous voice chat options available, our preferred VoIP app is TeamSpeak. It offers seamless connectivity with your friends and an impressive range of features. You can easily adjust sound levels, eliminate echoes, and even apply encryption for added security.

#3 Steam

If you’ve recently acquired or built a brand new PC specifically for gaming, then there’s one software you absolutely cannot overlook: the legendary Steam. Steam offers PC users an incredibly secure and professional ecosystem, usually associated with closed-console systems. It allows you to effortlessly discover and play a wide range of games, including free-to-play titles, affordable indie gems, and blockbuster triple-A releases, all accessible directly from the software.

This is key software for PC gaming, but it comes with some limitations. Did you know that by changing Steam country you will be able to access more games? Yes, not everything is available in your library. However, switching Steam regions for gamers is not such a simple procedure. The key to the question of how to change Steam region is a good VPN and the right payment service. VeePN is suitable for the first role, and a gift card for the region in which you are going to make a purchase is suitable for the second.

#4 Discord

Gamers are drawn to Discord, a popular chat application, for its user-friendly interface and valuable features. With secure encryption, exceptional voice chat, high-quality video chat, and fast text chat, Discord enhances the gaming experience. However, it extends beyond gaming by fostering connections, facilitating collaboration, and serving as a versatile communication hub.

Players can tap into the limitless potential of Discord and join a vast global community that depends on it for unmatched communication and unparalleled opportunities in gaming and social interactions.

#5 OBS Studio

OBS Studio, a remarkable and freely available screen recorder, offers immense value to both gamers and streamers. Have an amazing gaming performance that you want to record and share with the world? OBS is the perfect solution, providing a plethora of options. You can even stream live! Although OBS Studio does not possess the extensive community structure and features found in Discord, it excels in screen recording, albeit with a steeper learning curve compared to the built-in recording tools in Windows or your graphics card’s software.

#6 Reshade

Reshade is a free utility that empowers gamers to customize graphics and post-processing in their games. It is the secret behind impressive in-game screenshots shared on social media. Reshade fuels the additional visual enhancements that make games visually appealing. In the vibrant gaming community, there are various custom worlds and utilities like Reshade that enable gamers to create their desired visual settings. The endless versatility of PC gaming is truly remarkable.

#7 CPU-Z

Similar to MSI Afterburner and f.lux, CPU-Z focuses on optimizing and fine-tuning your PC gaming machine for optimal performance. This program may not be visually appealing, but it is a must-try tool for achieving the best possible condition for your PC.

#8 GeForce Experience

Remember to utilize the utilities provided by Nvidia and AMD! These tools not only grant you access to the latest driver updates but also pack a plethora of handy features. Nvidia GeForce Experience and AMD Radeon Software allow you to effortlessly boost your graphics card’s performance and optimize game settings. Additionally, both utilities offer hardware monitoring tools similar to Afterburner, while Radeon Software tracks the total hours you spend playing each game. However, these features merely scratch the surface of what your GPU utilities bring to your gaming inventory. Embrace these invaluable companions and elevate your gaming experience!

#9 f.lux

An innovative app that automatically adjusts your display to safeguard your eyes. When engaged in gaming sessions, extended periods spent in front of your screen can strain your eyes in the pursuit of trophies and achievements. Although appealing, this lifestyle isn’t beneficial for your eyes in the long term. A potential remedy involves utilizing software purposely crafted to minimize the detrimental effects caused by prolonged monitor usage.

#10 CCleaner

Your gaming PC or laptop may be unknowingly cluttered with unnecessary files and digital debris that consume valuable space, ultimately causing your system to gradually slow down. This is certainly not the ideal scenario for a dedicated gaming rig. However, you can resolve this issue by utilizing a reliable cleaning utility such as Piriform CCleaner. Take proactive steps to optimize your system’s performance and enhance your gaming experience.


The performance of your gaming PC largely depends on the software. Not only that, but only through the play store can you download a good official game. You also definitely need software to track the operation of PC components. All together will allow you not to be distracted from games and spend your time as pleasantly as possible.