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46th World Bridge Teams Championships
13th World Transnational Open Teams
Marrakech Grand Prix Open BAM Teams

Organised by the World Bridge Federation in cooperation with the Fédération Royale Marocaine de Bridge

Movenpick Mansour Eddahbi Palais des Congrès Marrakech, Morocco

20th August – 2nd September 2023
(Registration & Opening Ceremony on 19th August)

Congratulations winners and organizers. A fantastic tournament which combined traditional gameplay with innovation including daily video, online news, classic vugraph, the use of tablets, and so much more! Be sure to read the bulletins and daily articles, links below.

From Bulletin 15 7 – Editor: Mark Horton   Lay-out Editor: Monika Kümmel   Journalists: David Bird, Martin Cantor, Jos Jacobs, Christina Lund Madsen, Marc Smith, Ron Tacchi   Photos: Moughit Chhabni, Ron Tacchi. Stats by Herman De wael 

Bermuda Bowl (Open)


SWITZERLAND: Sjoert Brink, Bas Drijver, Jacek Kalita, Michat Klukowski, Michat Nowosadzki, Pierre Zimmermann, Fernando Piedra npc, Luis Lantar6n coach


NORWAY: Terje Aa, Christian Bakke, Boye Brogeland, Tor Eivind Grude, Geir Helgemo, Allan Livgard, Tolle Stabell npc, Sten Bjertnes coach


ITALY: Massimiliano Di Franco, Giovanni Donati, Andrea Manno, Giacomo Percario, Antonio Sementa, Alfredo Versace, Alessandro Piana npc

These 18 players have now won a total of 22 Bermuda Bowls all together. Michat Nowosadzki, Jacek Kalita, Michat Klukowski, Bas Drijver and Sjoert Brink have now won their third Bermuda Bowls, Pierre Zimmerman n won his second one. Alfredo Versace has previoulsy won two Bermuda Bowls, Antonio Sementa and Boye Brogeland won once. Geir Helgemo also has just one, but he additionally won two bronzes and three silvers. Terje Aa also has three silvers and three bronzes in Bermuda Bowls. To list all these players’ other achievements would require an additional Bulletin.  Stats by Herman De wael 

Venice Cup (Womens)


ISRAEL: Adi Asulin, Hila Levi, Adel Petelko, Ziv Tottman, Dana Tal, Noga Tal, Israel Yadlin npc


TURKIYE: Asli Acar, Tuna Elmas, Berrak Erkan, Ozlem Kandolu, irem Ozbay, Hatice Ozgiir


CHINA: Huang Yan, Liu Yan, Ran Jing Rong, Yu Xiuting, Zhou Meiling, Zuo Xiaoxue, Wang Yannan npc, Li Xin coach

This is the second World Title for Adi Aslulin and Hila Levi, after the National Women Pairs in 2016. Dana Tal also has a previous World Title, Under-21 teams in 2006. Ozlem Kandolu and Hatice Ozgir win their second consecutive silver medal at a Venice Cup This is the eighth medal for Huang Yan, she was on the Venice Cup-winning team in 2017. Liu Yan (on her fourth world medal) was also on that team. Stats by Herman De wael 

d’Orsi Trophy (Senior)


DENMARK: Klaus Adamsen, Jørgen Cilleborg Hansen, Dennis Koch-Palmund, Dorthe Schaltz, Pe- ter Schaltz, Steen Schou, Peter Magnussen npc, Morten Bilde coach


USA1: Drew Casen, Andy Goodman, Venkatrao Koneru, Jim Krekorian, Mike Passell, Pratap Ra- jadhyaksha, Alex Kolesnik npc


USA2: Neil Chambers, Mitch Duntz, Ross Grabel, Bob Hamman, John Schermer, Peter Weichsel, Petra Hamman npc

Not unsurprisingly, many of these players have medalled before, but none as much as Bob Hamman, who collects his 34th medal today.
Two players from the Danish team have won a world title before, Dorthe Schalts won the Women’s Olympiad in 1988. and Jørgen Cilleborg Hansen the d’Orsi Bowl of 2017. Stats by Herman De wael 

Wuhan Cup (Mixed)


USA2: Amber Lin, Debbie Rosenberg, Michael Rosenberg, Andrew Rosenthal, Chris Willenken, Migry Zur-Campanile, Jeff Aker npc


FRANCE: Bénédicte Cronier, Philippe Cronier, Vanessa Reess, Pierre Schmidt, Laurent Thuillez, Joanna Zochowska, Nicolas Dechelette npc


ROMANIA: Andreea-Magdalena Boboc, Marius Ioniţă, Bogdan Marina, Geta Mihai, Radu Mihai, Mari-na Stegaroiu, Bogdan Marina captain

Debbie and Michael Rosenberg won their fifth world titles. Their son Kevin already has five world titles. Bénédicte Cronier collected her 17th medal at these championships. Four of the Romanians won a second bronze medal in the Whuhan Cup. Stats by Herman De wael 

Transnational Open Teams


AMISTAD: Rafael Dias, Esteban Juchimowicz Pugliese, Pierre Pejacsevich, Carlos Pellegrini, Silvina Rocca, Marcos Toma


SLOW HORSES: Maciej Hutyra, Dariusz Kowalski, Tomasz Sielicki, Jeremi Stępiński, Michał Wróbel


KNOTTENBELT: Michael Byrne, Ben Handley-Pritchard, Maggie Knottenbelt, Ben Norton, Stefano Tommasini, Tom Townsend

Only two players have won a world medal before: Ben Norton in the Junior teams in 2019 and Tom Townsend in the Juniors in 1995 and the World Games in 2008.

Interesting Information

Bridge world championship backpacksOMG These backpacks! Will someone please purchase one for me – I’ll pay you back!

From the Daily Bulletin #8: Pete Hollands tells us he is doing daily recap videos of the Championships. Here is the link to the day 6 video: https://youtu.be/0QwtKJWLaHc

Pete Hollands is now professional bridge player & teacher (www.bridgevid. com) who has represented the Australian open team. He runs a popular YouTube channel (Pete Hollands Bridge) where you can play tournaments and compare with him. He won two silver medals in the 2013 World Junior Championships.

From the Daily Bulletin #7  Editors Log: BridgeTV  outstanding commentary team has been led by Ron Klinger, the author of over 60 bridge books, and Sartaj Hans whose team has done very well this year in NABC events. They have broadcast daily most of the major International and Australian events for the last two years. BridgeTV

From the Daily Bulletin #7  Editors Log::  Computer Vision Trial is designed to detect cards (with timing and orientation) in real time. It automatically detects and records timing (i.e. hesitations, slow play) as well as the bidding and play, providing accurate records for all hands at all tables. It also detects behavioural indicators (e.g. card orientation) – in other words, potential cheating mechanisms. AI and Computer Vision researchers at Monash University in Australia have developed an initial proof of concept and even with a standard laptop, vision can be processed and annotated in realtime. The researchers are hoping to attract funding support to develop the software further. Link to see the trial in action  video here

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Use of Tablets for bidding – It is planned to use tablets for bidding during the KO stages of the WTC (for the BB/VC/DOT/WC). The Round Robins and the Transnationals will only have bidding boxes

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