2018 Orlando World Bridge Series

15th Orlando World Bridge Series

21 September – 06 October, 2018

Congratulations winners! Full list at the bottom of this page

Rosenblum Open Teams, McConnell Women’s Teams,
Rand Senior Teams

Open Pairs, Women’s Pairs, Senior Pairs
Mixed Teams, Mixed Pairs
Youth Triathlon, Senior’s Triathlon
Joan Gerard Cup, Fast Track Pairs



WBF President’s Press Conference was held in the Grand Ballroom Salon 13 Saturday 6 October 9:00 am. The conference was open to both journalists and the public. Click here for pdf article from the Daily Bulletin Issue 16 Editor: Brent Manley

Live Shows: The WBF Organizers broadcast a live show during the last match of each day on their YouTube Channel.

Interesting Articles

Interesting Championship Articles

Viewing the Vugraph – Alex takes a look at the history and interviews some of the innovators.

Information about Orlando World Bridge Series. Jan Martel. Source: Bridge Winners
The WBF *new* Hand-Dealing Protocol. The Championship Secret. Source: WBF Championship Site
World Computer Bridge

22nd World Computer Bridge Championship

Wbridge5 wins gold, Syrney Bridge takes Silver. The 22nd Annual World Computer Bridge Championships took place  September 29th to October 4th, 2018. World Computer Bridge ChampionshipsLast year’s Gold Medalist Wbridge5 played against last year’s Silver Medalist Syrney Bridge in the finals. Syrney led at the half, but Wbridge5 had a huge 3rd quarter and a strong finish by Synrey fell short as Wbridge5 took home the gold, 150.9 – 132. Syrney Bridge, a newcomer in 2017 who finished with a silver medal, topped round robin play against 8 other bots. Close behind was Wbridge5, gold medalist in 2017, 2016 and beyond. The other two semi-finalists were MicroBridge (2017 Bronze, 2016 Silver) and Shark Bridge (2016 Bronze). Close 64-board semifinal matches saw Wbridge 5 defeating Q-Plus Bridge by the margin of the carryover, 159-155 and Synrey Bridge defeating Micro Bridge 87-80. Read more here –>

Official Computer Bridge Championship Page here –>



from the WBF Website

Open Teams

1. Zimmermann: Piotr Gawrys, Geir Helgemo, Tor Helness, Michal Klukowski, Franck Multon, Pierre Zimmermann
2. Lavazza: Alejandro Bianchedi, Dennis Bilde, Norberto Bocchi, Giorgio Duboin, Agustin Madala, Antonio Sementa, Maria Teresa Lavazza (npc), Massimo Ortensi (coach)
3. Allfrey: Alexander Allfrey, Edward Jones, Thomas Paske, Andrew Robson
3. Spector: Vincent Demuy, John Hurd, John Kranyak, Warren Spector, Gavin Wolpert, Joel Wooldridge, Warren Spector (pc)

Women Teams

1. Baker: Lynn Baker, Sally Brock, Fiona Brown, Irina Levitina, Karen McCallum, Kerri Sanborn, Beth Palmer
2. Smith: Kathrine Bertheau, Jessica Larsson, Paula Leslie, Solvi Remen, Nicola Smith, Yvonne Wiseman
3. Aperol: Tatiana Dikhnova (pc), Catherine d’Ovidio, Victoria Gromova, Anna Gulevich, Tatiana Ponomareva, Sylvie Willard
3. Baroni: Irene Baroni, Veronique Bessis, Anne-Laure Huberschwiller, Simonetta Paoluzi

Senior Teams

1. Milner: Steve Garner, Michal Kwiecien, Mark Lair, Hemant Lall, Krzysztof Martens, Reese Milner, Petra Hamman (npc), Jacek Pszczola (coach)
2. China Evertrust: Rongqiang Lin, Mingkun Shen, Xiaonong Shen, Ming Sun, Jian Hua Tao
3. Silverman: Robert Lebi, Barnet J Shenkin, Neil Silverman, Fred Stewart
3. Wolfson: David Berkowitz, Bart Bramley, Bob Hamman, Michael Rosenberg, Jeff Wolfson, Kit Woolsey

Mixed Teams

1. Manfield: Beth Palmer (pc), William Cole, Melanie Manfield, William Pettis, Debbie Rosenberg, Michael Rosenberg
2. Wilson: Sally Brock, Richard Ritmeijer, Magdalena Ticha, Ricco van Prooijen, Chris Willenken, Alison Wilson
3: Ferm: Sjoert Brink (pc), Simon De Wijs, Bas Drijver, Barbara Ferm, Christina Lund Madsen, Daniela von Arnim

Open Pairs

1. Mikael Rimstedt – Ola Rimstedt
2. Joe Grue – Brad Moss
3. Boguslaw Gierulski – Jerzy Skrzypczak

Women Pairs

1. Veronique Bessis – Anne-Laure Huberschwiller
2. Kathy Sulgrove – Candace Griffey
3. Yan Huang – Nan Wang

Senior Pairs

1. Marc Jacobus – Mike Passell
2. Apolinary Kowalski – Jacek Romanski
3. Mark Itabashi – Eddie Wold

Mixed Pairs

1. Franck Multon – Sylvie Willard
2. Petra Hamman – Hemant Lall
3. Benedicte Cronier – Philippe Cronier

The Prize-Giving and the Closing Ceremony will close the event on Saturday 6th October.


Can I bring my Cell phone (Mobile phone) into the playing area ?

The short answer to this is NO you cannot. NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES are permitted in the playing rooms, and that applies to players, captains, kibitzers or anyone else entering the playing area. They may be left at the registration desk until after play, but it is best if you leave them in your hotel room.