Catching Up with New Tricks Bridge

Catching Up with New Tricks Bridge

By Alex J. Coyne © Great Bridge Links 2021

New Tricks Bridge Club is an online resource that encourages learning bridge for everyone. Free lessons, a Tournament Series with expert commentary, and videos about bridge are just some of what NTBC has to offer.

Great Bridge Links caught up with Sue Johnson to find out what’s new.

The Essential Links

Here’s where you can find the most essential links for New Tricks Bridge Club and their free resources for learning the game.

NT Bridge Club Official Website

NT Bridge Club (for Schools & Students)

NT Bridge Club (for Educators)

NT Bridge Club: An Introduction to Schools

• NT Bridge Club: Patreon Fund

•`New to New Tricks? Read our previous interview with New Tricks Bridge Club at this link first and get to know what they’re all about.

If you think you’ve seen New Tricks Bridge Club at their best, Sue Johnson reveals there is plenty more on the way. “We have been busy creating some great new resources for both experienced players and beginners.”

Learn Bridge from Free Video Tournaments

The Tournament Series is for those who already know how to play bridge, learning from free videos by experts like Andrew Robson and Zia Mahmood. They’re introducing a new teaching series called Battle of the Partners next.

“We take expert players who normally play together as partners, and turn them into rivals over an eight-board challenge.”

Post-playing, experts are recorded as they discuss their plays and commentary.

“We are once again fortunate to have many top players generously giving their time to take part. The first part featuring Andrew and Zia is available on YouTube now.”

Bridge for Schools & Educators

New Tricks is expanding even further.

“For young beginners, we have created a dedicated website with all of our tutorial resources – videos, quizzes and ‘hints & tips’ pages – as well as lots of other useful information for both kids and teachers.”

As we all know, bridge is good for the brain. “At a time when kids have missed out on so much school, these cross-curricular benefits could not be more valuable and it is all completely free.”

New Tricks Bridge Club is happy to provide any information about learning bridge to schools and educators – for free.

Supporting New Tricks

“We are fully committed to making everything we produce available for free, but of course there are some costs that we cannot avoid and so we need to raise funds to go on doing what we do.”

Resources from New Tricks Bridge Club are available at no cost, and fans are encouraged to contribute.

Viewers who enjoy our videos and want to share their love of the game with the next generation by supporting our work for youth bridge can make small, regular donations through their Patreon page.


“As well as the satisfaction of knowing that they are providing much-needed help, they receive rewards such as early access to the Battle of the Partners videos and other entertaining content that we have planned for the future.”

Photo by Liza Pooor on Unsplash