The Kids Table: The Next Big Bridge Documentary

Work on a new bridge film called The Kids Table was first announced back in October 2017 through World Bridge Youth News, and we’re finally getting to see the end-results. Endorsed by the ACBL Educational Foundation, this new bridge documentary had its worldwide premiere in Las Vegas, July 2019. Check it out!

The Film’s Premise

What happens when you take a group of unrelated people and introduce them to the world of cards? Well, sometimes they’ll take on the casino floor and the results are the movie, 21 – but when they instead take to the game of bridge immediately with excellent teachers, results get closer to what you’ll see in The Kids Table. (Hint: They use their card playing skills for the greater good.)

The movie’s tagline says it all: “Four friends set out to discover the vanishing world of BRIDGE.”

It’s original, it’s exciting, and it goes to show that anyone can – and should – play bridge. This documentary introduces bridge in an entirely new way.

The Film’s Release

The official premiere of The Kids Table took place on the 21st of July, 2019 at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

If you missed the original event, The Kids Table is set for a digital release on platforms like Hulu and Amazon in September.

 The Cast

The film follows Edd Benda (filmmaker), Monique Thomas (comedian), Stefanie Woodburn (gamer) and Paul Stanko (actor) as they pick up bridge and take to the table – all under the watchful eye of teachers Brian Reynolds and Samantha Douglas.

What makes The Kids Table especially fascinating is the fact that it takes the four friends – who are not normally bridge players – and teaches them the game from the ground up. Their opinions about bridge are about as varied as their hairstyles.

It’s a great film to watch for anyone who is a fan of card games, whether bridge or not, and trading card games: There’s just something about this that will catch any gamer or trading card game fan right from the start, and that’s the magic of it.

About Beyond the Porch Productions

The Kids Table is the brain-child of Beyond the Porch Productions, a film production company also responsible for original films like Superior. They specialize in everything from Animation, Commercials, Sports, Food, Beauty and more. A list of other original films from Beyond the Porch Productions can be seen here.

The company was founded in 2013 by friends Edd Benda and Alex Bell. You can view more information about the BTP team here.

By Alex J. Coyne