The Attraction of Magnetic Bridge

The Attraction of Magnetic Bridge

By Alex J. Coyne © Great Bridge Links

The magnetism of a bridge game is undeniable. We’re all here because we’re fans of the same game. Sometimes, it can also be great to have your playing card magnetism be a more literal concept.

Face to face play is returning and this summer you’ll see a lot of card games taking place out of doors. But card tables on the grass can be unsteady, and mother nature’s breezes can be playful. The last thing you want is for your expertly bid 6NT to suddenly lose its dummy in the wind. Enter Magnetic Bridge Cards.

What Are Magnetic Bridge Cards?

Magnetic card deck are regular sized decks made from sheet metal thin enough to shuffle, bend, and deal. They typically come with a magnetic playing surface so they will stick rather than fly away or be knocked to the ground.

Kling Magnetics is the world-wide manufacturer of Magnetic Card Sets:

Cards are made with micro-thin steel and the board is magnetized for a firm hold and fine play.  Kling’s Magnetic Playing Cards are great fun, anywhere, anytime.  Take a set with you on vacation, to the beach, to the pool, on a cruise, picnic, camping trip, just about anywhere! Business travelers and commuters love it, and it’s perfect kids while riding in the car or RV.  Anyone who spends time in bed or in the hospital will enjoy cards that stay put!

What Can I Do With Magnetic Playing Cards?

Well, magnetic playing cards are good for all uses that you would imagine normal playing cards are for.

Play bridge, play poker, play canasta. Attempts at card magic using a magnetic deck depends on the trick you’ve chosen. A magnetic deck certainly adds an element of what you can do next! We’d love to see your magic tricks using magnetic cards! Send us your youtube link!

You can take these Magnetic Card Sets with you on vacation, to the beach, to the pool, or on a cruise. Magnetic Playing Card Sets are also a great gift idea for anyone who spends time in bed or in the hospital.

What Can’t I Do With Magnetic Playing Cards?

Even though they are thin, magnetic playing cards have just that little bit more of a weight to them. They’re great for bridge and other assorted card games but magnetic playing cards should ideally never be thrown at anything with a heartbeat, or a power connection. Accidents happen, and you can just look up “card throwing fails” on YouTube if you want to see how they take place.

What Are Magnetic Playing Cards Made From?

Metal – but more specifically, from sheet metal. When cut micro-thin, the cards stick to the board, but they’re still thin enough to handle.

Tricks don’t have to go blowing in the wind when your cards are physically stuck to the board. When astronauts and space visitors want to play a game of cards, magnetic or velcro decks is how they’ll do it!

Where do I get these magnetic card sets?

Kling Magnetics has manufactured magnetic playing card sets for decades. The image at the top of this article shows one of their vintage sets. However, an uptick in demand due to the coronavirus pandemic has put pressure on their manufacture – on their website we’re told they will not have any available sets until December. No year is indicated.

But all is not lost. The sets are sold by most bridge and card supply shops (not Amazon though). You can buy the set, and you can buy individual decks. Here are some we found:

Kardwell International – Kling Magnetic Cards

Vince Oddy (Canada) –

Richmond Bridge (UK) –

Are you ready to play bridge outside?  Are you visiting someone in the hospital? Magnetic decks could be the answer!