The Chrome Add-On Guide to Bridge Base Online

The Chrome Add-On Guide to Bridge Base Online

February 2022  © Great Bridge Links by Alex J Coyne

Chrome is one of the world’s most powerful internet browsers, and one of the most popular access points for online bridge. If you are both a Chrome and Bridge Base Online user, then you’re in luck… Browser add-ons (also called extensions) can bring a little more to the game.

BBO Helper, BBO Alert and BBO Extractor are three great Chrome Add-Ons for Bridge Base Online that could improve your online bridge user experience.

Here’s what you should know about Chrome Add-Ons and how to use the three best ones.

What are Chrome Add-Ons?

Chrome Add-Ons (or extensions) are downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. 

An add-on works like a widget, except that it performs a small task for your browser or a specific site instead of being linked to your desktop or home screen.

There are some weird add-ons out there. 

PokeGone is designed to remove all references to the trading card game, movie or series from your results. Another one, and we don’t endorse laughing at it, replaces the word “millennials” with the term “snake people”. 

Okay, one more: Wurstify adds a beard to all your pictures.

Add-ons aren’t just funny. They can also be useful.

Installing and Managing Chrome Add-Ons

Open up Chrome and click the hamburger button. (That’s the three horizontal lines at the top-right of the screen.) Click Add-Ons and Themes after this.

This is where you can manage or delete which add-ons your browser is using right now.

If you would like to install an add-on instead, search the Chrome Web Store or go to the direct link for your chosen add-on. Installing an add-on is as easy as clicking on it.

Don’t download add-ons from third-party links. This is a common way for malware to sneak in using apps or add-ons that seem legitimate. Only trust add-ons that come directly from your browser as verified, virus-checked options.

The Best Chrome Add-Ons

BBO Helper

BBO Helper is a Chrome add-on that enhances the GUI that users see as a BBO player. 

This is a pretty useful Chrome extension that considers what bridge players like to have close to their screen. With BBO Helper installed, automatic alerts, a double-dummy display and the ability to export boards or games directly to PBN are just some of its features.

Game essentials that you would normally have to click around for are now displayed right on the screen.


• Double-Dummy Display

• Export to PBN

• Automatic Alerts

• Chat Shortcuts and Card Symbols 

• Export Boards to HTML

• View Leads and Auctions


Alerting is one of the complexities of bridge, but also one of the things that seasoned players will find extremely tedious when they have to type the explanation for it every single time a bidding system requiring it gets used.

If you would like to take some of the effort out of your bidding, BBO Alert has programmable auto alert for artificial systems. If you have a specific system, BBO Alert takes note and uses it again the next time the occasion calls for it. 

From their description: 

“Artificial bidding sequences can be predefined in a table. Opponents get the explanation automatically and immediately. Explanations entered manually during the game are recorded for future use.”


BBOExtractor is one of the most widely used add-ons for the combination of Bridge Base Online and Chrome, with more than 2, 000 users at the time of writing. 

Designed for advanced users and expert players, BBOExtractor gives the player the ability to expert results directly for publication where they prefer.

From their description: 

“This extension is designed for use by directors or scorers of bridge tournaments on Bridge Base Online,   who wish to extract the detailed results from BBO for publication on a bridge club’s website.