From New Bridge to Be Bridge

From New Bridge to Be Bridge

Establishing the New Order: Going from “New Bridge” to “Be Bridge” with a First Issue in March, 2020

By Alex J. Coyne © 2020 Great Bridge Links

“Phoenixes burst into flame when it is time for them to die and are reborn from the ashes.”  – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Reading about the sudden change or closure of a well-established and loved magazine is not a new phenomenon anymore.

Just the past year, leading and loved ones like Mad Magazine, Marie Claire UK, Now Magazine and Autosport Magazine have all announced either the end of their print run or the publication of their final issue.

What can be called rare is the opportunity for a magazine to transition into a new form: Being reborn from the ashes of past articles into something new and exciting, while still carrying some of the feathers from the Phoenix past.

After 26 issues, New Bridge Magazine – run by bridge writer Mark Horton and his team – announced their last issue in current form through the February issue’s newsletter (“Brave New World”) with a few changes.

Here’s what we could find out – and what Mark could reveal in the time leading up to the first issue of a whole new bridge magazine in March.

Brave New World: An Excerpt from the Newsletter 

To quote Mark Horton from the newsletter announcement (“Brave New World”) from their last incarnation as New Bridge Magazine, we know this:

“I am delighted to announce that A New Bridge Magazine is about to become part of the Funbridge group, which also owns Le Bridgeur. The famous French magazine is launching a new life-style publication, Be Bridge.”

 With the closure of New Bridge comes the emergence of a new, young, shiny-feather Phoenix that we know for now will be called Be Bridge – and run, at least in part, by Mark Horton staying on as the editor.

What Else Does “Be Bridge” Bring to the Table?

The transition from New Bridge to Be Bridge from what we know so far is this:

  • February 2020 marks the final issue of New Bridge Magazine – but also the emergence of a new magazine on the way from the month of March.
  • The change from New Bridge to Be Bridge is part of another recent acquisition by the Funbridge Group, who also happens to own the Le Bridgeur brand.
  • Be Bridge will be a bi-monthly magazine.
  • Be Bridge will come in two editions, English and French.
  • At least in part, the same editorial team will stay on.
  • Also mentioned in the newsletter, the re-inclusion of regular features like the MasterPoint Press Bidding Battle, the uBid Auction Room and others are still to be announced later on.
  • We were able to connect with Mark himself – but details are scarce, for now. More information will be announced via press releases before the magazine’s launch, although he was able to confirm some of the above details in advance (and say that the magazines are aimed at being “online only”). 

Find Past Issues Here

Back issues are always worth reading, and a wealth of information about bridge could be found in New Bridge Magazine since the start. The archives for the past issues of New Bridge Magazine will stay in the same place – available for download in PDF and cataloged by month and issue at the link below.

 A little bit more nostalgia popped out from Bridge Winners: Here’s the announcement of their first issue in January, 2018.

 Here’s a look at the announcement of the first New Bridge Magazine issue for anyone who wants to look back.

Great Bridge Links would like to congratulate Mark Horton and the editorial team as well as the Funbridge-group on what is sure to be an exciting new frontier into modern bridge journalism – we look forward to reading it!