Practice Makes Perfect in Bridge

Practice Makes Perfect in Bridge

Practice is an essential part of almost any sport, hobby or career – you have to practice in order to improve at anything even if you don’t believe the 10, 000 hour theory. Here’s what some professionals players have to say about their best practice habits and some great online places for you to practice your game.

Places to Practice

Playing online or on your device against Robots is the easiest way to practice your game. Here are some places where you can find online clubs and apps.


Don’t have a Funbridge account? Well, join up now! Play against either live opponents or meet Argine, their very own bridge AI system. You can play Funbridge either on your computer with downloaded software or on a device with an app.


Bridge Base Online remains an ever-popular online bridge option, and they also offer tournaments, live players or the AI known as GIB.

Just Declare

Just Declare Bridge is a BBO invention that puts you in the declarer’s seat every game, and pre-selects the deal. It’s a great way to run through a few hands.

Just Play Bridge 

Solitaire bridge is a great way to practice. The ACBL offers this neat little program and it’s free.

Play Bridge Online

Great Bridge Links has a fantastic section where you can find lots of places to play either against Robots or with real Humans.

What the Experts Say

Professor Samantha Punch

Professor Samantha Punch heads the Sociology of Bridge studies at the University of Sterling – and of course, she plays bridge: “This isn’t something we’ve compared in the data yet. We have some info on self-development, but it’s not extensive…Personally, as well as face to face practice, it’s through dealing specific hands via deal master pro and bidding them with my partner, analysing matches within the partnership and with a coach when available and reading books.” She adds, “Sometimes also via matches on BBO but I find online practice is less useful unless in the bidding partnership room where there is more opportunity to discuss issues as they arise.”

Zia Mahmood

Zia Mahmood is a professional bridge player and author: “I practice lots with first time players, and I practice bidding regularly with all my partners (old and new) especially before a tournament. To quote Gary Player, the more I practice, the luckier I am.”

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By Alex J. Coyne