Learn Bridge Online: The Best Free Bridge Courses

Learn Bridge: The Best Free Bridge Courses Online

By Alex J. Coyne © Great Bridge Links

Learning to play bridge or want to sharpen your game? We can help! We researched to find some of the best free bridge courses and videos online right now. Organized by skill level from beginner players to bridge veterans, we got you covered.

Bridge Quizzes and Questionnaires

We’re often taught to “crawl before we run”, and in the same way, with bridge you should learn to bid before you expect to win. Bridge quizzes and questionnaires are a great way to refresh your bridge knowledge, or to start picking up the game for the first time. Bridge problems are a quick way of exercising the brain and bridge skills.

Here are some great quizzes from around the web:

Richard Pavlicek

Richard Pavlicek hosts some great free bridge lessons on his website and offers a range of different bridge quizzes. Plenty for advanced players here, and more than enough for beginners.


FunTrivia is a quiz site that’s a lot of fun if you have a bit of time to kill, and you’ll end up learning some new facts at the same time. There’s a vast amount of topics available with a special section for bridge, or you can browse over to their general card game trivia quizzes.

Larry Cohen’s Quiz

Larry Cohen is a popular face at bridge courses, events and cruises. Several comprehensive bridge lessons are available on his website for free, and you’ll find many fascinating bridge problems as well.

Eddie Kantar’s Bidding Quizzes

If Bridge for Dummies was your introduction to the game, you’ll already be familiar with Eddie Kantar. Here are some of his bidding quizzes hosted online. In true For-Dummies-style, you can also find the bridge-related Cheat Sheet on the website here.

Bidding Quiz: Bridge Bears

Bridge Bears is great for teaching beginners (especially kids) the rules.

Learn to Play Bridge in a Day: Bridge Basics Quiz

Learn to Play Bridge in a Day hosts several online bridge lessons, and also a pretty cool quiz surrounding bridge basics for beginners and newer players.

Bridge Courses

More people pick up the game every day, and if you’re one of them, you should take a look at some of these bridge courses below. You’ll find something suited to your skill level whether you’ve never played bridge before, you haven’t played in decades or you last played yesterday.

Great Bridge Links Learn to Play

This is a fantastic section on our site that offers video and simple introductory courses for new and interested card players.

Learn to Play Bridge Online

With Fred Gitelman and BBO, here’s an interesting downloadable Learn to Play Bridge program that runs you through the rules of the game, basic bridge bidding and the basics of play. It’s hosted at the ACBL, but you can also find an ACOL-bidding version of the software is available for download from the English Bridge Union.


Funbridge is one of the most popular software programs for bridge out there. They offer 11 chapters through the Funbridge app that will teach you how to play from the ground up.

A Teacher First

A Teacher First is an interesting little blog set up specifically for learning bridge. You can also find some cool bridge problems and resources. Check out their Facebook page for updates and more bridge problems.

60 Second Bridge

Want to pick up some bridge knowledge fast? Check these guys out. They host a range of different online lessons and an accompanying app that gives you mobile access to the lessons as well as daily bridge hands and play against the computer.

Richard Pavlicek Bridge

Richard Pavlicek is a veteran bridge player and teacher. His free online lessons cover topics like  popular conventions, declarer play, defensive play and partnership bidding. Great, because it’s a lot of information presented in a way that’s easy to process.

Bridge Doctor: Free Bridge Lessons

While Bridge Doctor is paid software, you can find eight basic bridge lessons with an accompanying bridge quiz (and answers) hosted on their website.

The Bridge World: Lessons on Bridge

The Bridge World is one of the oldest bridge-related publications out there. Their website hosts a comprehensive bridge course with 10 lessons covering beginner and advanced play as well as 25 bidding quizzes, 51 declarer play problems and 25 defensive play problems.

Joan Butts Bridge

If you’re looking for a great, fun bridge teacher that won’t bombard you with info, but will give you everything you need as an advanced player at the same time, Joan Butts Bridge and her Online School of Bridge Lessons is worth checking out. Plenty of resources are available, with the Lesson Archive over here.

Bridge Teaching

Kitty Cooper is a well-known veteran in bridge teaching circles, and you can find some great free lessons available on her website – or find out how to experience her knowledge first hand during a course or cruise. Resources for bridge teachers are also available here.

Bridge for Kids

Looking for bridge aimed at kids instead? Here are a few links to inspire kids to play more Bridge!

Learn MiniBridge

MiniBridge is a fast-paced, shorter form of the game with the scoring a little different than standard. The simplicity of it makes it a great way to introduce kids to the game for the first time before getting into the more advanced concepts.


Bridge4Kids is a UK-based initiative that looks to teach kids more about the game from beginning concepts to more advanced ideas. They have everything kids in bridge could need, including resources, links and lessons.

ACBL: School Bridge

The only paid-for option on this list, but certainly worth taking a closer look at if you’re a teacher who wants to teach bridge in school, or in general.

Bridge Bears

Bridge Bears manages to make even advanced bidding techniques look so easy that a kid could be doing it – and that’s kind of the point. It’s something that Bridge Bears manages very well, and it serves as a great introduction for anyone with more advanced ideas brought in gradually.

Teaching Contract Bridge to Children

While this one is a book instead of a course, this new 2019 release is worth taking a look at if you’re anyone who wants to teach bridge to kids, whether you’re a teacher or parent.

Teach Me to Play

Teach Me to Play by Jude Goodwin is still one of the best bridge instruction books for kids out there – anyone with kids to teach should have this one on their shelf.