From Page to Pixel: The Top 14 Video Games Based on Iconic Anime and Manga Series

From Page to Pixel: The Top 14 Video Games Based on Iconic Anime and Manga Series

Anime has long been a popular source of inspiration for video games, with countless titles drawing on the unique storytelling and iconic characters of some of the most beloved anime series. From classic franchises like Dragon Ball and Naruto to newer hits like Attack on Titan and Sword Art Online, anime video game adaptations are among the most exciting and engaging games.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 14 of the best anime video game adaptations. Each of these games brings its own unique style and flair to the table, providing hours of entertainment and excitement for fans of anime, video games, or both.

List of the best 14 anime video game adaptations

  1. Dragon Ball FighterZ. It is a stunningly beautiful 2D fighting game that captures the look and feel of the iconic anime series like no other game before it. The game brings in all the original cast and characters from the series in fast-paced, combo-heavy gameplay to give you the ultimate Dragon Ball Z experience.
  2. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. The Naruto series has been a fan favorite for years, and the Ultimate Ninja Storm games are among the best video game adaptations of the franchise. Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is the final entry in the series and features stunning visuals, fluid combat mechanics, and a wealth of content for fans to sink their teeth into.
  3. Persona 5. It is a stylish and engaging RPG that puts players in the shoes of a high school student who must balance their everyday life with their secret life as a Phantom Thief. The game features a unique art style, a memorable cast of characters, and an addictive turn-based combat system.
  4. My Hero One’s Justice 2. My Hero Academia has become one of the most popular anime series of recent years, and its video game adaptations are equally impressive. My Hero One’s Justice 2 is the latest game in the series, and it features a vast roster of characters from the anime, each with their own unique abilities and moves.
  5. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4. One Piece is one of the longest-running and most popular anime series, and its video game adaptations are among the most successful in the genre. Pirate Warriors 4 is the latest game in the series and holds a Dynasty Warriors-style gameplay that is both thrilling and exciting. Besides, the story mode provides a fun and engaging way to experience the One Piece universe.
  6. Sailor Moon: Another Story. Sailor Moon is one of the most beloved anime series of all time, and Moon Princess slot in demo mode is one of the best adaptations of the beloved series. It is one of the best slots produced by none other than Play’n GO and features a unique gameplay experience. Players must match anime-inspired symbols on a 5×5 grid to win big, and they can trigger special features such as the Princess Trinity feature or the Love, Star, and Storm features. Along with impressive gameplay, the game also puts tons of rewards up to grab, including a massive payout of 500x your stakes. Regarding the generous payouts, you should also check out the top 5 Ancient Egypt-themed slots and get your bankroll rolling.
  7. Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment. Based on the famous light novel and anime series, Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is an action RPG that takes place within the world of the show. Players can team up with characters from the series and battle through various levels to progress the story.
  8. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven. The game takes players on a thrilling journey through the Joestar family’s legacy. From Jonathan Joestar to Jotaro Kujo, players will take on the role of iconic characters and battle their way through an epic story that spans multiple generations. As players explore the game’s rich world, they uncover hidden secrets and engage in intense battles against formidable foes.
  9. Persona 4 Arena. This fighting game spinoff of the popular Persona RPG series features characters from Persona 3 and 2 in a unique 2D fighting game style. The game’s story mode is fully voiced and continues the narrative of the Persona RPG.
  10. Attack on Titan 2. Based on the hit anime and manga series, Attack on Titan 2 puts players in the shoes of the original characters as they fight against the monstrous Titans. The game features a character creation system and a new multiplayer mode where players can team up to take down Titans together.
  11. Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul. It is an action-packed fighting game based on the popular manga and anime series Saint Seiya. Players take on the role of legendary warriors known as Saints, who possess incredible strength and powers derived from the constellations. With over 50 playable characters, each with their unique fighting style and special moves, the game offers a wide range of options for players to choose from.
  12. Black Clover: Quartet Knights. This 4v4 team-based action game is based on the popular Black Clover anime and manga series. Players can choose from various characters and work together to complete objectives and defeat the opposing team.
  13. Jump Ultimate Stars. Step into the world of Jump Ultimate Stars, a thrilling 2D fighting game that invites you to assemble your dream team of iconic manga characters from Weekly Shonen Jump. From Monkey D. Luffy and Naruto Uzumaki to Goku and Ichigo Kurosaki, Jump Ultimate Stars features a star-studded cast that will leave fans of Japanese manga breathless. With its engaging gameplay, players select their favorite characters to battle against opponents in various stunning 2D arenas. The game also features a unique collectible card system that allows players to customize their abilities and power up their characters to become the ultimate champion.
  14. Gintama Rumble. Lastly, we have an action-packed FPS game based on the popular manga and anime series Gintama. Developed by Bandai Namco, the game allows players to take control of fan-favorite characters such as Gintoki, Kagura, and Shinpachi as they battle through iconic moments from the series. With its fast-paced combat system, stunning visuals, and faithful recreation of the Gintama universe, Gintama Rumble is a must-play for both fans of the series and fans of action games. From epic boss battles to high-octane multiplayer modes, it has something for everyone.

Ending thoughts

These are just some of the many fantastic video games based on anime series. So if you’re an anime fan, be sure to check out some of these titles and experience your favorite shows in a whole new way! And don’t forget to try out the Moon Princess and other best Play’n GO slots in demo mode. Happy gaming!

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