The Best Bridge Podcasts

The Best Bridge Podcasts

by Alex J Coyne © 2021 Great Bridge Links

The term ‘Podcast’ was first coined in 2004 when an app called iPodder brought internet radio streams to the iPod.  Daily Source Code by Adam Curry was the first-ever podcast, broadcast just one year prior.

A podcast is a recorded audio or video snippet that’s available to stream or download.

Thousands of podcasts launch every day, about the art of food, photography, gardening – and contract bridge! 

Here’s our look at the best bridge podcasts & where to find them.

Sorry, Partner

Sorry, Partner is a bridge broadcast series presented by Catherine Harris and Jocelyn Startz. The show made its debut in September 2021. New episodes are made available every week.

Sorry, Partner interviews bridge experts for their take on hot topics, bridge strategy, and current events.

 The Setting Trick: Conversations with World Class Bridge Players

The Setting Trick is presented by avid and excited bridge player John McAllister. 

His enthusiasm for the game makes this one of the top bridge podcasts to listen to!

Episodes interview prominent bridgeurs, players, and experts. More than 44 episodes have been recorded so far. Scott Hoffer, Andrew Danning, and Susan Bricken have all been featured.

The Setting Trick also has an official website with podcasts to stream and download, all available here. ( 

BridgeHands: Contract & Duplicate Bridge

The BridgeHands podcast talks about all things contract, auction, and rubber bridge.

While it hasn’t been updated since 2009, there’s great instructional content for beginners and novice players. Different bridge hands, distributions, and lessons are all discussed in the handful of online podcasts.

Each podcast runs approximately 30 to 50 minutes per episode. 

The Bridge Zone

The Bridge Zone is the official podcast presented by NZ Bridge.

Barry Jones and Mereana Cullen are the presenters of the weekly Bridge Zone podcast.

Brief bridge episodes cover strategy, current international and local bridge events, and interviews with well-known bridge personalities and players. 

Jack’s Daily BridgeCast

Jack’s Daily BridgeCast is presented by English bridge champion Jack Stocken.

The creative daily bridgecast is broadcast from Yorkshire Bridge Online (UK), with a focus on ACOL playing and the technical aspects of cutthroat bridge playing.

Lessons are also offered through the Yorkshire Bridge Online site if you want to step up your bridge skills.

Jack’s Intermediate BridgeCast takes content one step further and brings more advanced content to the table. Conventions, events, and serious play techniques are some of the topics discussed on the Intermediate BridgeCast. Don’t miss it!

Visit this link to stream or download episodes of Jack’s Intermediate BridgeCast. (

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\Photo by Juja Han on Unsplash