Who’s the Bridge Champ now?

Bridge Champ – The Next Generation Of Online Bridge
Playing online Bridge can be complex. Bridge Champ makes it easier for you!

Rafael Fernandes on Bridge Winners Feb 22 announced the launch of Bridge Champ – a cutting-edge online bridge platform that provides a modern, intuitive user interface and a diverse range of features. Below is the body of his announcement.

Interesting to note, Bridge Champ’s road map includes NFT Badges and Crypto Rewards for game achievements, a User Interface for monitoring badges and balances, and a blockchain interface. Read more of their ‘roadmap’ here

Registration is free and available to everyone, requiring only a few minutes of your time. Once you log in, you will have access to free casual tables, where you can join and kibitz new or existing games, as well as play Minibridge and test your skills against our robots, which we have designed to offer superior bidding and playing capabilities. (Editors note: It looks like there will come a time when tournaments are able to charge entry fees using a payment gateway)

Our aim with Bridge Champ is to create an advanced platform that connects bridge players from all backgrounds and skill levels. Our focus is on providing enjoyable game experiences and access to a wide range of free features, including seamless video broadcast, import/export of game boards, advanced robots, deal source editor, and in the future, game analysis tools, social tools, player rankings, player skill levels, and Vugraph support.

Bridge Champ makes it easy for teachers to create custom lessons with specific game rule sets and tournament formats, providing table moderator tools, hands editor, and audio/video controls that enhance the game experience for both students and teachers.

Our future roadmap includes a range of new features, such as online club tournaments, customizable robot conventions, advanced monitoring systems for cheating prevention, audio effects, themes, skins, gamification, NFT badges, crypto rewards, and more.

Our goal is to make playing bridge easier than ever before, and ensure that players and clubs have access to everything they need to succeed. For bridge clubs, we offer a comprehensive online management system with a customized website solution.

We are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions, we will soon launch a campaign to reward all your contributions. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment with your requests.

You can download our mobile apps from the Google and Apple stores, and stay up-to-date with Bridge Champ through our social media accounts. Join our community to receive updates about upcoming features, events and promotions.

Bridge club owners, to celebrate our launch, we are offering competitive pricing for early bird subscribers. Contact us at info@bridgechamp.com.

Try Bridge Champ today at bridgechamp.com