Considering a Bridge Cruise?

Considering a Bridge Cruise?

by Alex J Coyne

Cruising season is en route, and many bridge singles, pairs and teams are preparing to take to the oceans to take in some of the gorgeous sea-life – and play some cards! We took a closer look at some of the best bridge cruises around, and why you should consider taking at least one bridge-related cruise trip in your lifetime.

We were lucky enough to sit down Dawn Ligon from Larry Cohen’s Bridge Cruises for a short interview:

First, what are the must-pack essentials for a bridge cruise?

“Questions for your pro lecturer!” says Dawn. “Save them up weeks for the cruise (assuming you couldn’t find the answer in a book or on the internet) and after the lecture or before the game, ask away.” Dawn notes that this is a great way for cruise enthusiasts to learn the game and get to know their lecturer personally.

“Also pack layers of clothing! Adjust the layers the temperature that works for you in any given card room.”

Dawn says the third thing people should remember for their bridge cruise is a great attitude: “Everyone’s there to have fun. Don’t be a Debby Downer. You have an opportunity to make life-long friends – take advantage of it! By the end of the cruise, whether you came as a single, pair or a group of friends, with the right attitude you’ll have many new bridge friends from all over the country.”

Should you go alone or with a partner? Dawn says bridge cruises are ideal if you’re alone, with a partner – or even in a group. “The host will be happy to help you find a good partner for the cruise.” With cruises who offer team games, Dawn says it’s vital to scout out other pairs you might consider for a game.

This approach has worked for plenty of people who have built life-long friendships on the bridge cruises, even for friends of Dawn. “I have a friend moving to Atlanta and she was concerned about not knowing any bridge people there. I sent a quick email to someone I met as a guest on a bridge cruise two years ago – and they’re going to play a few games with her and show her around.”

Bridge cruises, she says, are ideal for anyone who loves bridge. “They should investigate ahead whether it’s a teaching cruise, Regional at Sea, Sectional at Sea or a combination. The latter cruises may only have a 45 minute lesson each day, but pay higher points and have more games.” A teaching cruise, she says, will place more emphasis on lessons and opportunities to learn more about the game.

Cruise Options

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