WBF Women’s Online Autumn Festival

WBF Women’s Online Autumn Festival
November 6-12 2023 – BBO

Anna Maria Torlontano, who championed Women’s Bridge for its development, instigated the WBF/BBO online Women’s Bridge Festival. To play in the Festival is an opportunity to network, form partnerships and teams and then compete to the highest level in Bridge.

Winner of WBF Women’s Spring Festival 2023 was Deborah Smith, New Zealand Congratulations! Click here to read an interview with Deborah.

I like the format of the Women’s Festival.  While some of the key events to play in are at difficult times of the day for me, I like the ability to partner robots as they make it easy to organise and make late decisions about which events to play or skip.  The “best results” structure seems to work well.


WBF Women’s Bridge Club


Courtesy of WBF President, Jan Kamras:

  • Free Entry to the National Women’s Pairs in the next WBF Pairs Championships for winner and partner of choice from the same NBO.
  • WBF Online Master Points for the Festival’s top 20 players.
  • Signed certificates from the WBF for the top players in each event.

Courtesy of BBO:

  • BB$ prizes for overall leaders.
  • BB$ Daily Prizes. An opportunity to win prizes even if the top prize is no longer attainable.
  • BBO Points awarded based on the size of the field.
  • Free Celebration Fun Tournament with Video chat and Quiz to congratulate the winners for all participants on a date after the Festival.


Womens online bridge festival