What Are the Best Types of Video Poker Game to Start With

The Best Types of Video Poker for Beginners

Poker has been and still remains one of the most popular gambling games in the whole history of their existence. Today, there are many of the best video poker casino sites where players have a truly luxurious choice of titles. And it also creates certain inconveniences, as choosing among these types of poker is not easy sometimes. Especially if you are a new player and yet not familiar with the difference between one type of poker from the other. We decided to do a little review of the best online video poker for real money to help novice players with the game selection for a successful start. Let’s look at what video poker is and what its variants use a special arrangement of experienced gamblers.

What Is Video Poker

By itself, the poker game is familiar to many. This game is based on a standard deck of cards (36 or 52 cards in the deck). And your aim is to collect the most winning combination of cards in your hand or force other players to give up the game. For gaining success in the poker game, the process requires a good memory and the ability to check for a winning combination in others’ hands from a player. No less important is the quality of self-control to have an advantage over other players. Yes, the famous expression poker face has its roots in this game. Poker is one of the most popular card games, which is often considered to be both gambling and sports disciplines. In the classic live poker outcome of the game depends not only on luck but on the player’s abilities.

It is an intellectual game. But video poker is a virtual analog of live poker. In it, the challenge also lies, in fact, in the distribution of the resulting 5-card poker hand assembler. To increase your chances of winning, one, several, or all of the 5 cards can be exchanged.

The main difference between video poker from the living species of this game is the absence of trade, the most fascinating and difficult stage of interaction with partners in the game. Therefore, in video poker, there is no need to bluff, keep poker face because the game simply does not have partners at your table, and the online casino will not see your psychological studies.

The first types of video poker appeared in 1967, and in 1975, visitors of almost all major casinos and slot machine halls could play video poker and win real money.

All the subtleties of classic poker with the help of this game is not to learn, but it’s a good opportunity to explore the practice poker hand. So as not to risk money in the learning process, you can choose a demo version of the game.

The Most Popular Types of Video Poker Today

Due to its popularity and rapid development, video poker is widespread around the world. Almost all operators of online casinos offer their customers to play video poker online for money. Yet this fact also forces the client to choose from dozens of poker popular options at once in the online casino menu.

Let us consider the most interesting for beginners types of that game among the whole variety of video poker options. It is safe to say that each of them claims to be the best online video poker for real money.

  • Classic video poker is actually what its name means. It is based on a standard five-card version of poker in which each player receives 5 cards in his hands. The goal of the game, in the end, is to collect a poker hand with the highest score. These winning combos include a royal flush (ace, king, queen, jack, ten of the same suit), straight flush, four cards of the same type (for example, 4 queens at one hand), a full house. In general, if you have already played in regular poker before, starting your experience in video poker for real money with classics will be a really good idea.
  • The game modification called Jacks or Better adds to the classic some special rules. For example, when you want to get your payout, you should have at least two Jacks in the additional hand provided for you by the game scenario.
  • Deuces Wild is essentially a unification of the rules of video poker in its classic version with the idea of the wild symbols that are common for most slot machines. The game mechanics remain the same, but all deuces in the game are so-called wild cards. They can be exchanged at any time from your hand to any card to choose from. This increases the chance of making a winning hand.


There are other versions of the game, for example, where the role of wild cards is played by other denominations from the deck. Or, for example, those types wherein parallel with an ordinary straight flush, a low straight flush is used too.

We encourage you to try all of them to choose the option, in which you will be accompanied by the maximum stroke of luck. Video poker is good training for those who want to get into the peculiarities of real poker games. It helps to develop memory and attention and raises excitement as well as other games of chance. So do not miss an opportunity to try your luck in it as it will bring you as much fun as possible.