Two-Player Card Games for Valentines

Two-Player Card Games for Valentines

Your fingers gently brush as the cards are dealt. Your eyes are locked in an intense stare as you try to read one another’s mind. Is he bluffing? Does she know? A raised eyebrow. A nervous lick of the of the lips. A playful interaction between toes below the table as the tension builds above…

The competitive spirit can be a powerful aphrodisiac, and there are few things more competitive than a spirited game of cards. If you are looking for a creative way to spice up your Valentine’s Day, forget the flowers and pick up a deck of cards.

Honeymoon Bridge

According to card rules website Pagat, “the term honeymoon bridge can be applied to any adaptation of Contract Bridge for two players.” The same guide notes that several versions of basic honeymoon bridge exist, with the game played between two players using one deck of cards. Honeymoon bridge is basically two-person whist, with a rotating trump and no bidding. Games of honeymoon bridge are generally shorter, and players don’t play as partners as they usually do in other games of bridge, but rather play one-on-one. We’re guessing that honeymoon bridge might have thusly also been a great way for players to test the strength of their newfound marriages way back when …

Try this Valentine Twist: Play with a romantic (or sexy!) deck of cards and add sparkle to your game.

Gin Rummy

A variation of the game Rummy, Gin Rummy is a similar card game best played with just two players. Gin Rummy contains an extra element of mystery; instead of laying your cards out for your opponent to see, they remain hidden until the end. Sexy.  Like Rummy, the object of the game is to get cards into sets or runs before your partner does. Rules for Gin Rummy are here.

Try this Valentine Twist: Play while sipping on a glass of bubbly and rename your game “Champagne Rummy”.

Kings Corners

Kings Corner is a faced paced card game that plays a little like solitaire, but, of course, you’ll be playing with your Valentine. In addition to a deck of cards, you’ll need a supply of pennies or chips. Play off all your cards to win, and be sure discard as many kings as you can throughout the game. At the game’s end, you’ll have to pay 10 chips for each king that you still hold. Rules for King’s Corners here

Valentine Twist: Replace your chips with kisses–chocolate kisses, that is!


Start out with an ante in the pot and work up from there. Each player is dealt two cards, use those cards to raise or fold. Deal three shared cards and start those second round bets. Add one more shared card to see who comes out on top and takes the pot. How to play pokerin Arabic here. For complete Poker Rules see

Valentine Twist: This is a classic twist, instead of betting with chips, bet with clothes.


Snap is played by dividing the deck, face down, between two players. Each player takes a turn discarding the top card from their pile into another pile, face up. If a card of equal value is laid it is up to you to be the fastest to yell “Snap!”. Whoever yells first wins the round, and the loser must add all of the face up cards to their face down pile. A winner is determined when one player is completely out of cards.

Valentine Twist: Instead of yelling “Snap!”, yell “Kiss!” and get creative.


You read that right, there is actually a card game called “Marriage”. What could be more perfect for Valentine’s Day? You’ll need 3 decks of cards for this point based game. Points are earned my pairing or “marrying” kings and queens of the same suit. How romantic! Click here for rules.

Valentine Twist: Add 10 extra points for marrying the king and queen in the suit of hearts.

This Valentine’s Day, why not ditch those dinner plans at crowded restaurant, grab your sweetheart, a bottle of wine, a deck of cards, and deal yourself in for a romantic evening?

Photo by Jesse Gollon Unsplash