Robots don’t play like humans – here’s what you need to know

Tips for playing bridge with robots
Some people argue that robot bridge isn’t ‘real’ bridge, or that robot bridge is bad for real bridge. But the truth is, robot bridge is just different bridge. So if you, like me, enjoy playing robot bridge for whatever reason, here are some tips from the experts to help you become a consistent winner.

Women and Equity in the World of Bridge

Women playing bridge
Many years ago, when I first entered into the world of duplicate and tournament bridge, it became quickly apparent that the opportunities for my advancement, and that of other women in our circles, were much fewer than those of our  male peers.

Status of the Institute for Bridge Arbitration

Institute for Bridge Arbitration
The Institute for Bridge Arbitration (“IBA”) is up and running and soon will be able to provide expert bridge arbitrators to resolve cheating allegations and similar disputes.