How to improve your cards skills in Michigan Casinos

How to improve your cards skills in Michigan Casinos

Michigan is now one of the many states that offers legal online gambling in addition to casino gambling. Whether you play cards in person at a place like William Hill Casino in Michigan or online (using video chat with a live dealer), you’re going to need important skills to up your chances of winning a big pot. Poker might call for bluffing, blackjack might call for risk management, and every card game calls for a good knowledge of the odds you’ll draw the card you need. To help you do your best in casino card games, here are some tips.


If you’re looking to strike fame in the world’s biggest card game, you might want to temper your expectations. There’s a lot of fierce competition. However, you can use these simple techniques to up your chances of winning at the local or online casino.


Let’s get right into the hardest poker skill: bluffing. The first thing to do is forget the myth that bluffing is about lying really well. The true purpose of bluffing is to buy time so you can turn a so-so hand into a better play.

If your hand is outright terrible, you’re better off folding and waiting for the next round. You lose less that way and can save up for a bet when the odds are in your favor.

You want to try bluffing when your hand has potential but needs a key card or two to work. Pros often call this a “semi-bluff” as you’re not completely lying. You’re still betting on what your hand could be, not trying to totally fake a bad hand.

Play Fierce With Good Hands

On the other hand, you want to bet high on your really good hands. If you come out confidently and keep raising, you can strongarm opponents into folding or overcommitting. Such aggressive plays can scare off less experienced players. It can be hard to raise with what feels like reckless abandon, but it’s a skill you must master to make the most of your game. Raise quickly and with full confidence. After some rounds of doing this successfully, the other players will be wary of you and will let you set the pace of the game.

Don’t Try To Challenge Good Players

It might sound a little awful, but the best way to win and make money is to bully weaker players. That doesn’t mean actually attacking them, just that you should try to seek tables where people are obviously below your skill level. Look for players who hesitate or raise too eagerly, as those are the ones who are prime to make mistakes that you can take advantage of. If money is involved, you’ll want every advantage you can get. Players who can out-bluff you and know the cards better will happily take your cash.


Another common favorite casino card game puts players more against the dealer than each other. In this case, looking for tells won’t help you much. The house has a slight advantage, so your strategy should be to lower that advantage. You can do this by sticking to some hard rules that let you know which card combos to hit on and which to avoid. In fact, you can buy a tip card at most casino gift shops that tell you these pieces of strategy.

The basic thing to remember is that 2-6 is a bad face card to have, and 7-ace is good. What you want to do is sit far from the dealer and watch their cards. You should stand when your hand is 12-16 and when the dealer has 2-6 face up. If your hand is 12-16 and the dealer has 7-Ace, you should hit to try and keep up. Splitting is a must when Aces and 8s are in play. You should also double 11 when the dealer has a 2-10 showing. Finally, go big and hit or double from Aces to 6.