Let’s Talk Bridge

Let’s Talk Bridge

by Alex J. Coyne © 2017 Great Bridge Links 

Last link update Feb 2018

Forums, message boards and online communities are a great way to get in touch with other players, learn more about the game and keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the world of bridge – tips, tricks and more. Why not swing by some of these bridge, card and casino forums?


These are geared specifically toward bridge, bridge bidding and bridge strategy – check them out for improving your game or making some new playing buddies!

Bridge Base Online Discussion Forum


Bridge Base Online is one of the largest communities of bridge enthusiasts out there, and it’s definitely worth a look. Beyond a forum, BBO also offers live games and tournaments.

Rec Games Bridge

https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/rec.games.bridge (not currently available)

Hosted on Google Groups, rec.games.bridge (RGB) is a vast resource of over 3, 000 topics and highly-skilled players to learn from. Rec.Games.Bridge was one of the original bridge forums. Before posting, you might want to read the Style Guide which you can find here. 

Contract Bridge Forum


Contract Bridge Forum comes with a monthly newsletter, “covering ACBL Districts 17, 21 and 22”.


Bridgetalk is another big one, and joining the forum gives you instant access to be put in touch with other players – there’s even a bridge quiz or two to check out!

Casino’s and Gambling 

General casino and gambling forums go here.

Gambling Forums


Gambling Forums calls its itself the number one gambling community, and there’s a topic for pretty much every area of gambling on the site: Roulette, slots, Baccarat, Keno, video poker, craps, bingo, horses…

Ask Gamblers

Need expert advice? Stop by Ask Gamblers and ask other players about their casino experiences and strategies.

Community Casino Forums

Community Casino Forums can put you in touch with communities near your state or in your area: It’s great for asking around for a review before you put any money down.

If you’re looking for more casino’s to check out, stop by Online Casino Canada: You don’t have to be Canadian to play (though the preferred currency is CAD!). https://www.onlinecasinocanada.com

Playing Cards

Playing Card Forum


Here’s one geared at everything playing cards: Deck reviews, new designs, playing card news and upcoming decks, there’s even a special section for magic with cards!

United Cardists


Like cards and magic? Stop by United Cardists to chat with other card enthusiasts about their latest card tricks and strategies.


When last did you check out your poker face in the mirror? Learn your way around five cards with some of these poker playing forums…


There are more than 193, 000 members on CardsChat, so consider stopping by here for some strategy tips should you pick up the deck for a poker game. They’ve even got a section just for newcomers.

Two Plus Two


Two Plus Two houses more than 400, 000 players, and you can brace yourself to break into some serious strategy if you stop by here – Two Plus Two members take their poker, their numbers and their strategy seriously. And, discussions aren’t limited to cards, either – feel free to shoot off about politics, travel, health or a range of other topics.

Poker Chip Forum


This one popped up on Google a little off the main track, and it’s something a bit different: An entire forum devoted to poker chips. Custom chips, vintage chips, chips for sale, buying guides, care guides and more. Who knew chips were so…deep? (Yes, there’s even a thread for posting pictures of your chip collection…) Check it out!


Gambling Therapy


For reaching out when the love of gambling turns into a fanged addiction monkey.

Are you part of an online community or forum that should be part of this list? Get in touch!