10 facts of craps game that you didn’t know

10 facts of craps game that you didn’t know

Craps is one of the oldest casino games in the gambling industry. But with the introduction of online crypto casinos, the game has become popular among punters across the globe. This is because these gaming platforms are now accessible on the go. So, you can now play live craps with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Ethereum from wherever you are. 

Although this casino game is mainly known for its favorable odds, here are 10 facts about craps you probably don’t know about;

1. Easy to play 

The best thing about craps game is that it has easy gameplay. You simply need to know the basic craps rules and a few bets to get started at an online crypto casino. Some of the basic rules you must know about include;

  • You can choose to either put the chips on the pass line or not to pass the line bets before the come-out roll is made.
  • If you choose the pass line, bet you win when 7 or 11 is rolled out by the shooter. But if they roll out 2, 3, or 12, you’ll lose.
  • If you choose the don’t pass line, you win when 2 or 3 are rolled out, tie when 12 is rolled out, and lose if 7 or 11 is rolled out.

It’s that simple!

2. The best bets

The online craps game has several bets. But the best bets you should know about are just four because they have the lowest house of edges:

  • Pass line – 1.41% house of edge
  • Don’t pass line – 1.36%
  • Come – 1.41 %
  • Don’t come – 1.36%

3. Odd bets may lower the house of edge

Craps already has a low house edge. But you can lower the percentage even more with the odds. In craps, the odds side bets can be placed behind a wide variety of crap bets. But with the above-mentioned betting options, the odds may be different in every online casino you visit.

Here is one example:

  • Make a $10 don’t pass wager
  • A point is rolled out
  • Take 3x odds, costing another $30 ($10 x 3)
  • The house of edge lowers to 0.341%
  • You now get a $40 total on the pass line bet

4. Avoid most craps prop bets

The craps crypto casino game has many bets. But the best ones are the pass line or don’t bet. This is because the prop bets don’t have the best house of edge percentages. So, you should avoid them if possible.

Examples include;

  • Hard 6 and 8- 9.09% house of edge
  • Big 6 and 8- 9.09%
  • Yo or 11- 11.11%
  • Hard 4/10- 11.11%, among others.

5. There are okay prop bets

Although there are bad prop bets, there are some okay prop bets you can play:

Lay 4 and lay 10; house of edge 2.44%- you will win the bet if a seven is rolled out before numbers 4 or 10. The odds and payout rate is 1:2, and a 5% commission is taken out of every single bet.

Place 6 and 8; house of edge 2.44%- these are wagers that are based on numbers 6 or 8 rolled before a 7. The true odds are 6:5, while the payout is worth 7:6.

Lay 5 and 9; house of edge 3.23%- in this bet, you will win if number 7 is rolled out before 5 or 9. But the payout and the true bet are usually 2:3.

6. Superstitions and crap gambling

Crap players have been known to be the most superstitious players in the casino gambling space. There are no set rules that say players must follow these superstitions, but if you want to remain friends with fellow craps punters, you should follow some of these superstitions; 

  • Don’t say 7
  • It’s unlucky if the dice flies off the table 
  • Don’t touch a hot shooter
  • Many bettors ruin the table’s luck
  • Don’t let the craps dice hit your hands


7. Hedging of bets doesn’t really work

In craps, hedging of bets means placing multiple wagers on different game outcomes; this increases your winning chances. But you should keep in mind that hedging of bets does not change the house of edge. So, it really does nothing for your profits.

8. It’s hard to beat the house edge

When playing crypto craps, it’s hard to beat the house of edge no matter the betting system you employ. One of the most popular systems used is the negative progression system- increasing your bets following losses. Although it’s a good strategy, the house of edge does not really change.

9. There are 36 Dice combinations

In online craps, it’s common knowledge that there are two six-sided dice. When the dice are rolled out at once, there are only 11 possible outcomes; there are up to 36 ways that you can use to get there.

10.  Offline casinos have the best winning chances

Online casinos are typically known to have the best odds on games. This is because they usually don’t have so many expenses. But when it comes to craps, land-based casinos usually have the best odds compared to online casinos. In fact, not many internet sites offer this classic game.

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash