Dedicated Online Card Game Libraries – Could This be a Future Subscription Model Concept?

Dedicated Online Card Game Libraries – Could This be a Future Subscription Model Concept?

The subscription model has seriously taken off in the gaming industry, with options like Apple Arcade and Google Stadia leading the way. The concept of sprawling game libraries in which players can choose from a vast array of options is growing, and it’s something that was spearheaded by the online casino industry. While players can access some card games at these sites, there are few dedicated card game platforms. Could there be a gap in the market here for a potentially lucrative business?

Many Card Games All in One Place

Some card players would argue that online casinos already offer game libraries with extensive lists of card games. There are indeed countless versions of blackjack, poker, and baccarat available at these sites, but they are rarely found alongside other non-gambling card games like solitaire and hearts. Moreover, you’re unlikely to discover fantasy card games like Hearthstone and Gwent at these sites either. Lovers of card games of all styles would surely enjoy seeing them all listed at the same place, where there is the option to select between different titles.

This would provide an excellent opportunity for card game fans to unearth other games that they may not have played before. For example, players of classic 52-card deck options might not have been converted to online fantasy card games yet. But if they log on to a card game platform to play one of their favorites, they could see other collectible games and be tempted to try them out.

A Great Idea for a Startup

With there being few fully dedicated card game platforms online currently, there is most certainly a gap in the market for startup businesses to break into and find success. The fact that these sites seem complex to set up may be putting some businesspeople off, though. The positive news is that anyone has the potential to create an online gaming site now using a prebuilt platform that was constructed by expert programmers.

One of the options for people who want to build an iGaming site is Pronet Gaming. It provides a customizable platform with bespoke solutions for its clients. It includes consultation as well, which is valuable to people who feel they need extra help in their content creation. Using systems like this will allow you to scale your service if it grows.

People interested in setting up a site like this could strike up deals with up-and-coming developers and include their content on the platform. It could be a fantastic place to give budding companies a chance to get their products out there competing with the major brands. Fantasy card games are on the rise, and there is so much scope for new titles based on other areas of popular culture. In the current market, many great ideas never see the light of day because they don’t get the exposure they need.

With digital versions of card games and original fantasy offerings enjoying widespread popularity online, it seems strange that few sites allow players to access them all in the same place. There is a gap in the market for dedicated online card game libraries, and it’s only a matter of time before they start cropping up.

Photo by Marin Tulard on Unsplash