What are the Most Used Symbols in Fruit Slots and What Do they Mean?

What are the Most Used Symbols in Fruit Slots and What Do they Mean?

Are you a fan of fruit slot machines? Whether you’re playing a real at a physical casino venue, or an online establishment, slots are a key part of the gaming experience. Most casinos offer slots, and it’s common for them to take up the floor space in a casino.

Don’t you love the sound of slots churning in a live casino environment? Hearing people pull the deadman arm and the sound of alarms going off with jackpots is an exhilarating experience. However, have you ever found yourself wondering about the meaning behind slot symbols?

Fruits are one of the most common slot themes across all gaming software producers. Why do they use fruits as icons in slot machines, and how did it all start? We’ll unpack the details of this mystery in this post.

Fruit Machine Symbols – The History

So, what’s the history of slot machines, and why do they use fruit symbols? Walking around a casino floor, you’ll see the bright colors of cherries, bananas, and pineapples flashing across screens as players hope for a jackpot.

What’s up with the fruit symbols, and why are they on slots? Aren’t there better choices for icons?

The reality is that slots were vastly different from today’s machines and online gaming experiences. When they first reached casino floors, they had other symbols, with no company standardizing icon design.

Why Do Online Slot Machines Feature Fruit Symbols?

During the days of the original slot machine, the icons were typically numbers. However, some casinos rigged the slots in favor of the venue. This unethical behavior caused people to lose their life savings at the hand of the “one-armed bandit.”

There was a brief ban on gaming and slot machines in the early 1900s, and it wasn’t until Nevada opened its doors to gamblers that slots appeared once more.

However, this time around, slot manufacturers decided to go with icons that didn’t have any numbers. They chose to go with the more design-friendly choices of fruit, bubblegum, and other innocent icons – the rest is history.

To circumvent the ban of gambling, slots designer “the Bell-Fruit Gum Company” designed slot machines for punters wishing to play but get paid in gum instead of cash.

In many slots venues, owners would assure law enforcement that the machines were nothing more than vending machines asking customers for their choice. It was a standing joke, but law enforcement officers looked the other way, provided the slots manager or owner took care of the officers.

What are the Most Common Fruit Symbols on Slot Machines?

Todays, slot machines come with a wide variety of symbols on the reels. You’ll see everything from Egyptian Hieroglyphics to the classic BAR icons and 777s. However, fruit symbols still maintain the top position as the symbol of slot machines everywhere.

There are plenty of gaming software developers offering slots with fruit symbol icons and hundreds of online casinos providing fruit slots. If fruit slots are your favorite game, you have a bevy of venues offering you hours of fruit slots entertainment.

Are Fruit Slots Still Popular?

Yes, fruit slots are still enormously popular with online gamers and brick-and-mortar casinos. Whether you’re going to Atlantic City or Las Vegas, you’ll find thousands of these machines around venues all over town.

Fruit slots are also extremely popular with online casinos. If you want to play fruit slots, ask the casino if it offers them before signing up.

Many online casinos offer customers free spins on fruit slots as a way to incentivize you to sign up for an account. Check for bonuses at different sites before settling on the best online casino.

What Types of Online Casinos Offer Fruit Slots?

You get fruit slots at online casinos and brick-and-mortar establishments. They’re the most popular slot type by far. Every casino wants to offer customers to top trending games and classics like fruit slots.

There are numerous online casinos offering fruit slots. You can find them at no verification casinos, no deposit casinos, and standard gaming establishments.

In Closing – Get Fruity

When signing up for your free slots, make sure you check if they offer a bonus. If you do get free spins, make sure you choose the casino with the lowest rollover bonus requirements.

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