Three Brilliant Card Games Where High Cards Win

Three Brilliant Card Games Where High Cards Win

Fans of bridge can find it a little confusing playing card games where low cards win. After all, it doesn’t really make much sense. If you’re a big fan of bridge and are looking for other games where high cards beat everything then you’ll be pleased to hear that there are plenty. We’ve rounded up some of the most popular options so that you can try them out and broaden your card-playing horizons. So, without further ado, here are some great fun card games where high cards, almost, always win.


It only makes sense to kick off with bridge. For those who don’t know how to play, it’s surprisingly simple for beginners, though as you progress in the game it can get a little trickier. To begin with, you’ll need a standard deck of cards, a notepad and a pen. Bridge can only be played with four players, unless you’re playing online of course, in which case those players will already be there waiting for you! The players work as two teams, with each member of the team sitting opposite each other around a four-sided table. Within each pair there’ll be a declarer and a dummy. The declarer decides which suit are trumps and announces it to the table. Next, there is a bidding round, in which each team bids for how many tricks they think they’ll make. Bidding increases until only one pair is left. Once the bidding is over, the player to the left of the declarer begins play with any card of any suit and following left around the table everybody must follow suit or play a trump. After this, the dummy puts all of their cards face up on the table, it’s now up to the declarer to play both sets of cards. A pair wins a trick by playing the highest card in the suit or a trump card. Whichever pair takes the number of tricks that it committed to, or more, then they win.

Blackjack (Sometimes)

Blackjack is an interesting game because it does rely on a high total to win, but only up to and including 21. The aim of the game is to make as close to 21 as possible, without going over that number, also known as going bust. Play starts with players placing bets if they would like to and once this is over it’s time for the dealer to move. The dealer will hand out one card each to each player and players will have the option to increase their bets, or pass. After this, the dealer hands out one further card. It’s at this point that a player could have already won, by scoring 21. However, if nobody has scored 21 yet then play continues with a further betting round and then a card is dealt to whichever player wants one. If a player gets dealt five cards and is still under 21 then they win, but otherwise the player with the closest number to 21 wins. This is a really simple game to get used to and it’s easy to find somewhere to play online. AsiaBet has created an in-depth guide to finding casinos in India, which can be really helpful for those who want to practice playing blackjack but don’t have a card club local to them. There’s all kinds of information on which casinos offer the best bonuses for new players, as well as the variety of games that they have available.


Whist is actually the predecessor of bridge, so it should be a game that’s surprisingly easy to pick up for bridge players, if they don’t know it already that is. Just like bridge, you’ll need four players split into pairs and you’ll need a standard deck of cards too. To begin play, all of the cards are dealt out equally to each of the players, except the very last card which is turned face up in the center of the table and becomes a trump. Again, in the same way as bridge, each of the pairs is trying to win the most tricks possible. Play begins with the person to the left of the dealer, who may play any card that they like. Play continues clockwise in the same suit, or with a trump card if the player so chooses. Whichever player plays the highest card, or a trump card wins the trick. Whoever wins the trick plays the first card in the next hand.