The Best Board Games for 2020- Games for All

The Best Board Games for 2020- Games for All

There has never been a better time to get into the latest board games.

Video slots online bring a player into an immersive gameplay but board games offer a different kind of immersion.

Board games have come a long way and is a hobby that is growing popularly among gamers. As a result, more games are being released every month with enticing graphic features and engaging themes. 

Today’s board games involve problem solving skills, eye hand coordination and complex strategies.

So, how do you know board games worth playing in 2020? Below is a list of 5 best board games to play in 2020.


  • Pandemic Legacy: Season 1


Pandemic legacy season 1 is a thrilling board game where your choices turn into future games in just one game. 

The game starts with a virus that is deadly with an outbreak of coughs and sneezes across the globe. Besides keeping the pandemic under control, it the role of the player to develop a cure for each disease by collecting five cards of a certain color. Over the course of the game, the player will open sealed packets, unlock secrets and reveal hidden information.

Characters are expected to gain scars as they try to fight the virus which is spreading to the neighboring cities. Your goal is to adapt to the new challenge and save the world before it’s too late.


  • Ticket to Ride


In this board game, you score points through the development of train routes all over the world. The winner is the player who ends up with the highest score.

Ticket to Ride is a genius train epic quest game in which the player collects and plays matching train cards to claim city-connecting railroad routes. The longer the road, the greater the points. 

The game’s difficulty is to join two remote towns using the longest continuous railroad. Ticket to ride is favorable for the whole family and can be played by 2 players. 


  • Scythe


Scythe is a board game that holds a special place in the heart of most gamers. It is set in an alternate history 1920’s. The period involves war, farming, rusted gears, innovation, valor and broken hearts.

Scythe gives the player utmost control of an empire and setting them to build something great from humble beginnings. The goal is to set up systems that will assist in reaping resources as the game progress.

The game is quite exciting since you have to scheme different turns ahead in order to outplay your opponents.


  • Wingspan


Wingspan is one of those revolving games where the player must have more resources to obtain more resources and there is never an ending.

One needs food and eggs to play bird cards, and the more birds you have the easier it is to get eggs and food. This board game may sound simple and repetitive but there’s a lot to look forward to in the details. For example, you can combine flocking species for extra points.


  • Horrified


This monster inspired game is a horror fest for all players. Players can find and enjoy this game in Mr. Bet online casino.

On the screen you will see horrors staggering around while the villagers run into dangerous location and it is your role to save the day.

The gamer must pick from six monsters to face, from Dracula to Frankenstein and his bride. The player now goes round the town colleting items to protect the wandering villagers as well as defeat the villains.

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash