Online Casinos are Growing in Popularity Due to Social Isolation

Online Casinos are Growing in Popularity Due to Social Isolation

Since the beginning of 2020, we are all too familiar with social distancing. Many are struggling to stay occupied with streaming services, hobbies, and more. 

Players are no different. Due to stay-at-home restrictions across the globe, gamblers are trading their traditional games for the online experience. When you combine modern online gameplay, convenience, and long hours at home, there was bound to be a hike in gaming trends. 

Klara Czerwinska, our in-house writer and casino expert, prides herself in sharing the latest news about the casino world. She shares with you what you need to know about online casinos during isolation.  

Online Casino Rates During Lockdown

Since COVID-19 struck the world and has since reached the status of a pandemic, sports betting and gambling have been restricted or closed completely. However, bookmakers and gaming companies are still operating through their online platforms.

Optimove, an Israeli gambling firm, reported an increase of 43% in online poker games, and a surge of 225% for first-time online poker players. Another study has revealed a 67% increase in online gambling in the week following the lockdown. 

Seasoned gamblers and new players are gravitating towards the online casino scene. Whether it’s only temporary or not, it’s too soon to tell. One thing is for sure; there are more than a few reasons why users may stick to gambling online. 

Online Versus Land-based Casinos

Here is what players currently miss the most about visiting physical locations:

  • Hospitality such as buffets, free cocktails, and hotel accommodations
  • Fun atmosphere
  • Social interactions

Not everyone enjoys going to land-based casinos. In fact, there are many things they find taxing, such as safety and commute. Here are some of the many benefits of playing at casinos online:

  • Convenience
  • Wider game selection
  • Bonuses
  • Lower minimum bets
  • Better payback percentages
  • Mobility
  • Privacy
  • Virtual races

While players go against each other in land-based casinos, you don’t see them when playing online. Players that are not the best at handling computers may be intimidated by the thought of gaming online. Overall, online gambling has more perks and is more prominent among younger players. 

How do I Choose the Best Online Casino? 

When searching for online casinos, you’ll immediately know if it is available in your country. For instance, if you’re in Poland, you have access to casinos like Astralbet, as long as it’s licensed and meets your jurisdiction. If there’s too many to choose from, ask yourself the following question: 

What Are Your Favourite Games?

Choose the casino that carries the games that are the most important to you. Which collection do you value more? Each casino has a speciality; sometimes it may have all of the best online gambling slots and only a handful of table games, or it may focus more on table games and include live dealing. For sports bettors, there are virtual races or other forms of betting to substitute cancelled events.

Which Has the Best Online Casino Promotion?

Are you looking for no-deposit welcome bonuses, or do you prefer deals that reward you for frequent gaming? The promos may also depend on what sort of games you’re after. For example, if you prefer hitting the slots, free spins will benefit you the most. If you’re torn between slots and tables, there are also package deals to combine both. 

Another way to determine what bonuses you’re after is knowing how often you’re going to play. Some deals, such as free spins are rewarded every week. If you don’t play as frequently, one-time bonuses are a better option. 

Online Casinos are Growing in Popularity Due to Social Isolation - Great Bridge Links  

How Often Do You Play?

Are you the type who plays at random, or every once in a while? Or maybe you’re a frequent player that can be found gaming the same time every week? Online casinos reward their regulars through loyalty programs. If you are a consistent player, you’re better off with the casino that is the most generous with their biggest fans. 

One of the best sources for casinos is reviews. There are entire websites dedicated to expert ratings or feedback from users of all skill levels. At the end of the day, there’s bound to be a casino (or two) that meets your criteria.  

Concerns and Restrictions 

While most countries have done little about the growing home game trends, some are taking precautions. Many recognise that novice players, or land-based players, may not be accustomed to online gambling. Ample free time, combined with the novelty and convenience of gaming from home, may create a perfect storm for gaming addiction for those that are ill-prepared.

For instance, Belgian betting authorities recently announced a deposit limit of €500 a week on locally hosted sites. The Spanish government set a restricted window on gambling advertisement hours. It is only permitted between 1 am to 5 am. Latvia has banned online gambling all together until the isolation period is over.


In the wake of online gambling, players are discovering how they can strike lucky casino online. It is also important to address issues such as budgeting and the risk of addiction. There’s no better time than now to raise awareness and promote safe online gaming and gambling while waiting for the curve to flatten.