Learn Card Tricks Like David Blaine

Learn Card Tricks Like David Blaine

Full disclosure: I am not a magician, nor am I a master of these card tricks. Not even remotely. However, they look cool and are excellent to have up your sleeve (see what I did there) at parties and the like.

Whether or not you realistically think you could be the next David Blaine, I’m here to help you at least masquerade as a magician, from time to time.

If it all turns to custard, you could always distract the family dog for a while.

Here are three David Blaine card tricks you should (attempt) to learn.

Ace Shake Card Trick

Using a regular deck of cards, pull out two black aces. These go to the side – you’ll need them later. Fan your deck out and ask your player to pick a card from the pack.

Say your player picks the four of spades. Take it back and place it in the middle of your deck, keeping your pinky in place so that you know where it is. Shuffle your deck of cards a couple of times, moving the player’s card around until it finds its way to the top.

Once it’s on the top, place your two black aces on the top of the deck, and pin the player’s card to the bottom of these two cards. Pick all three cards up, making sure that the player doesn’t see you pick their card up as well.

Place the deck in the palm of your right hand and wave the two black aces over it. As you do so, reveal in your left hand the player’s card – the four of spades.

Here and There Card Trick

For our next David Blaine card trick, you’ll need a duplicate. Once your player has ‘chosen’ their card – which is one of the copies – make sure to keep one on top of the deck and the other third card down. There should only be one card between them.

Do a false riffle shuffle, keeping your two duplicates at the top of the pile. Then, do a double lift to show the normal card, before taking the top card which is the first duplicate and asking the player to hold it between their palms. Lift to reveal the top card again and the second duplicate, before retaking the actual top card and pretending to switch it.

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one that’s confused. There’s a reason why David Blaine is one of the world’s best magicians. If I master this one, I’ll let you know.

Four Aces Card Trick

To begin this showstopper, you need all four aces out of the deck and in your hands. You need to make sure that the order is black, red, red, black, or red, black, black, red.

Place the cards on the top of your deck, with a small gap at the top so you can differentiate them. Put the ace of spades down, then pick up the rest of the aces as one card and show the player the ace of clubs.

Give the player the ace of clubs, and take back the ace of spades. While you ask the player what card do they think it is, switch the cards and once they’re done guessing ask them if they’d be amazed if they thought you could change the colors of the aces, before handing them the ace of hearts or diamonds.

Final Thoughts

It’s painful to think of tearing Blaine off his pedestal as you peel back the secret to each card trick, one by one.

However, it’s even more gut-wrenching to think about how many times it may take you to master these seemingly simple tricks. Trust me, you don’t want to know how long it took me.

Photo by Farhan Siddicq on Unsplash