Jackpots in slot games

Jackpots in slot games

Jackpots play an important role in the functioning of any casino. All modern lotteries adhere to the same principle. If the casino has a jackpot, then it is likely that it can be won. The possibility of random “instant enrichment” warms the soul of many players, and they are willing to pay to have this opportunity.

Why do jackpots exist in slot games?

The function of the jackpot is to maintain the players’ faith in the dream, once to get rich. Everyone dreams that at some point in the game he will be lucky and a huge jackpot will fall on him, instantly ensuring a comfortable life for the player. This is the only way that online slot games for real money can compensate “empty” spins for the gambler. An irresistible desire and faith in getting the jackpot provokes players to invest more money in the game.

Many virtual gaming clubs speculate on high jackpot amounts, thus attracting new players. So they try to create the impression of a high demand for casinos and slot games. Some players may also “peck” at the opportunity to get a ton of money by playing at minimum bets. By setting high jackpots, casinos are trying to justify the collection of commissions/fees on winnings with different slot machines.

How is the jackpot formed?

In every online casino you can find several types of jackpot with different names, terms of receipt, restrictions on bets, etc. This entailed confusion and caused a substitution of concepts. Many people call the maximum win in the slot games a progressive jackpot, which is completely wrong. In reality, winning in a slot game has nothing to do with the progressive jackpot. Also, games such as roulette, blackjack, craps and other table games do not belong to the progressive jackpot.

The formation of the jackpot comes from the accumulation of deductions of certain amounts from previous gaming sessions of other participants (players). If the player manages to get the highest combination, he receives the promised jackpot sum. In some cases, in order to get the jackpot you need to win in the bonus round, choose the outcome of any action, etc. Some slots provide an opportunity to double the jackpot, but this is too risky (we do not recommend to use this feature).

In modern online casinos, three types of progressive jackpots have formed with different conditions of receipt and formation methods:

  1. In-house – a jackpot inside one casino, which accumulates due to the game on all slot machines.
  2. Stand Alone Progressive – a traditional type of jackpot, which is accumulated due to the percentage of the turnover of slot games. It does not take into account the current balance and return percentage of the slot, therefore, it can give out high wins in a row.
  3. Area Wide – an unusual type of jackpot, which is particularly large in size. It is created by network of partner gaming clubs, accumulating funds from all slot games among each casino of a particular network. The amount of such a jackpot can reach several million dollars.


We learned more about the essence of the jackpot in slot games, the principles of its formation, its purpose and we can confidently say that at the moment it is much easier to get the jackpot in virtual casinos rather than in real ones. The high RTP of the slot games minimizes the risks of losing money, and the availability of the Area Wide jackpot can unexpectedly make you a rich person in a minutes.


Photo by Linus Nilsson on Unsplash