How to Find the Best Casinos and Bonuses in Finland?

How to Find the Best Casinos and Bonuses in Finland?

Scandinavian people have always been avid gamblers and that’s why there are so many different casinos aimed to the Nordics. Especially Finland is one of the most enthusiastic gaming countries – but how do you find the best Finnish casinos and bonuses? Keep on reading and we’ll tell you more.

There are plenty of different ways to locate Finnish online casinos. First of all, we recommend that you check out professional casino sites where quality casinos have been reviewed and listed. Our personal favorite is Nettikasinolista that has been providing detailed and reliable information about casinos for years.

You can also determine quite a lot about an online casino simply by looking at it. Finnish casinos should have an EU gaming license because it guarantees tax-free winnings (and who wants to pay more taxes then necessary?). Our personal recommendations are brands that operate under the MGA license since they have proven to be a reliable authority.

A good Finnish casino also has localized casino promotions for Finns and supports all of the most common payment methods used in Scandinavia. And obviously there needs to be customer support in Finnish – that is non-negotiable.

What are the best Finnish bonuses?

Next it is time to explore our favorite subject – casino bonuses. It might feel like a daunting task to go through hundreds of casinos in order to find the one best suited for you. That’s where comes in. This website is dedicated simply for bonus offers and is always scouting new offers.

It is really easy to spot a good welcome bonus. First of all, the first deposit bonus must be at least a 100% up to €100 but of course we prefer a 200% offer even more. It is also good if the welcome bonus is divided between multiple deposits so players get more value when they join a new casino.

But what’s more important are the terms of a bonus. If you look at the wagering requirements, anything between 25x-40x wagering is quite okey. But when we are getting towards 50-60x, it is just too much. Also there is nothing that we hate more than a win cap so please stay away from brands that have those. And last but not least, players should have at least 14 days to wager the bonus – otherwise you need to make haste decisions which is never optimal. 

Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash