How Software Changed Online Casino Games

How Software Changed Online Casino Games

Whilst online casinos as a whole and the many games that make up their full catalogues have only surged in popularity, it’s often difficult to forget about the many systems behind the software that makes much of the play possible. With all modern choices ranging from tabletop games like blackjack for example right through to typical machine likes like free slots too, there’s one bit of software that remains important for all – the mechanics behind the random-number generators.

For offline play it can be much easier to understand – you throw a set of dice and unless you’re tremendously skilled, both will roll to land between a 1 and a 6, similarly if you throw a ball in to a roulette wheel, you’re going to land somewhere in the tracks between slots 1 and 36 or 38 (depending on where you’re playing) – the random factor of play is easily apparent. Once you move to online plat, however, it’s something a little more difficult to see, you know that throwing the dice in a virtual craps game will give you a certain roll, but how can you be sure that the rolls is truly random or pre-determined? That’s where RNG comes in to play. At the core, they’re just algorithms that produce a math problem to provide a random answer, if the software knows that a roll can be between 1 and 6, then it’ll simply roll the random math problem to assign the value, but particularly in modern gaming in can be very unpredictable, and can often lead to some different than expected results.

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Take blackjack for instance – with a deck of cards in the shoe at a physical location, someone skilled in the art of card counting can reliably provide you with a win, however with online options RNG can come into play as after each hand the deck can be shuffled invisible by the software. Whilst some punters may think this a bit underhanded, it does work out in the players favour a little more often than not, but can also produce some more unpredictable results, it’s often why Blackjack is considered to be amongst the best of the online casino games to play as there’s very little in favour of the house with RNG odds.

It’s also unsurprising that slot machines, both online and offline, both heavily rely on RNG software  to deliver results and also why slot machines are typically amongst the worst odds for players to win too – where old machines may have been predictable, as the majority are now digital and online options are more common each spin for each reel is truly random, there’s no way to judge a potential win based on pay-out history or other factors too and has been very important for how  these games have developed over time. RNG software will continue to be a key component of gaming, and as a whole have helped changed online casino games in a big way.