How big is the biggest house of cards ever?

Biggest Card House
How big is the biggest house of cards ever built? How about the biggest structure made from playing cards? We've gone digging for some of the coolest and weirdest playing-card records on the books. Check them out -

Congratulations! You’ve won!

Invest your winnings
Many people, especially those new to walking away with a little (or a huge) something from the gambling tables are overwhelmed by the prospect and end up spending the money within a week, or even right there on the spot. Don't make that mistake! Here's some tips on how to make the best use of your winnings:

Just What Loyalty Can Get You

Casino Loyalty Programs
If you're a player who frequents the casino floor, you might want to consider asking them about their loyalty program. Most casino's have some form of loyalty card or app for regular members that can score you all sorts of added benefits you've been missing out on. What's more, loyalty cards aren't limited to offline casino's anymore either: Here's a look at just what you can get out of it.

The House always wins, right? No – not necessarily.

Make money at video poker
Any videopoker game with a 100%-plus RTP figure will have the word ‘bonus’ in its title, so if you want to make regular profits at the casino’s expense all you need to do is find a bonus videopoker game, Google yourself an appropriate strategy card (there are plenty out there), and get cracking.