Online Casino Games Getting Much More Interesting

Online Casino Games Getting Much More Interesting

Links last updated Feb 2018

Do you like placing bets and getting wins for huge payouts? Placing bets is no longer something that will require you to go to travel to a traditional casino. Players like you can easily place bets from the comfort of home. There are many exciting games found on online gambling sites like All Slots Online Casino.

If you are already betting online, then you may have  noticed there have been a lot of changes to many games being played online. Here are some of the biggest ways in which online casino games are getting much more interesting.

Scatter Symbols

These characters appear only on video slot machine games. The best thing about scatter symbols is they can appear in locations on the screen other than a payline. If there are at least two symbols that appear on any of the reels, a player will win double the total amount of their bet. There are also various other symbols that could appear increase the amount of a win.

Wild Symbols And Multipliers

These characters will appear in both video slots and classic online pokies. They act as a substitute for a regular symbol and will make a win possible. This is similar to how a wild card will work in poker. A wild symbol is also a multiplier. A multiplier in online slots increases the amount of the payout.

Free Spins

One of the most popular bonuses found in online games like slots is a free spin bonus. Players will have the opportunity to earn free spins based on the appearance of special symbols. The best thing about spins that are free is no money will be lost. Some games may also pay out double the normal payout for any wins that occur on a free spin.


This is a type of guessing game players can try after a winning spin. The gamble is you will need to make a guess of the playing card color or the suit. If the guess is wrong, you will lose what you had earned on the spin. Gambles can double or quadruple a player’s winnings.

Telling A Story

The advances in graphics and features of online slots make them really enjoyable to play. You can play slots for real money or for free if you want to learn more about a game. Most slots are based on a theme and will have an interesting story to tell with various sound effects and special symbols.

Almost any type of theme can be the basis for an online casino game. Fruit is a really popular option (see A Colorful History of Slot Machines here) or you can find games which are based on animals. You may prefer a biker theme or maybe an underwater theme sounds like a winner. Sports will also be a common theme for a lot of video slots. Some unique slot themes include Lord of the Ocean (not currently available) – based on Poseidon the god of horses, earthquakes and sea. Or Rocky, based on the action movie star Sylvester Stallone, or Big Catch, based on fishing, or Joker Strong, featuring Joker, fruits and other symbols. The beauty of being online is there’s no limit to a game creator’s imagination!

The most interesting thing about online casino games is they are changing all the time. There are newer features, more exciting ways to win, and graphics that get more and more intense all the time. A special theme is probably waiting for you on your favorite type of online game.

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